Ebuyer 600W PSU £16.99, any good?

  Mysticnas 15:05 12 Jul 2005

Hey how you all doing?

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Just a query about PSU's. I'm on the look out for a new PSU. I noticed these 600W PSU's branded as Ebuyer. The sticker on the side says Magna, has anyone heard of them? are they anygood?

And the reviews, is it just me or do they seem a little too ermm... fake? Most of the reviewers have given their full names (which isn't normal is it?).

Does anyone actually have one of these in an even remotely demanding system?

P4 2.8(oc)533,
GF 6800GT
5 HDD's
Audigy 2 Platinum (breakout box)
4 USB devices (cam, mouse etc)
4 Case fans
4 sticks of DDR

I use the system for multimedia design (3d modelling/animation, 3D editing/production etc).

I just seems odd that it's so cheap compared to al lthe others that like £80! I can't find anything on the warrenty either.

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  Stuartli 15:43 12 Jul 2005

I bought a 500w Magna PSU on e-Bay for £20.99 including delivery (Buy Now! basis) a few weeks ago - it works well although, to be honest, the better the quality of PSU you can afford the better.

It replaced an Enermax PSU I'd had for six years (came in a £26 midi case at the time) because a new GeforceFX graphics card I'd bought requires at least 300w and, to my surprise, the Enermax is only a 100w unit.

However it's powered everything I've had connected to my system over the years without complaint - I just thought it was the usual 235w type of the time as its specification details were out of sight...:-)

  gudgulf 15:57 12 Jul 2005

Don't buy one of those------Have a look at the link you have posted,click on image gallery and zoom/have a good look at the picture that concentrates on the label stuck to the psu.click here

You will find that it only gives a +12v current of 17 amps and the rating of the psu is in fact only 282watts.You need to have 30+amps really and a psu that is rated at it's continuous output reather than peak value.

For your system you must go for a good quality psu(When you upgrade the pc again you can always keep the new psu).You get what you pay for with a psu and with a hard worked system such as yours it wont pay you to skimp on cost here.

  Mysticnas 16:02 12 Jul 2005

Cheiftec 320W PSU which came with my case. So I might not need one you think?

Mine has started making funny noises over the past year, like a springy twang then a click, just everynow and then.

I was just thinking seeing as i'm going to upgrade to that GF6800GT i should probably get a more powerful PSU.

I saw a Hiper 425WPSU for £36 but then they added on almost £7 for delivery, so I'm having another look around.

  Zion_Lion 16:07 12 Jul 2005

Hi Mysticnas... Peronally I have not had no experience with this brand of psu, but judging by what this guy say's (fourth post)
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that there not much good.

I know that you cant judge the reliability of a device solely on the woes of one person, but for a 600W psu it does sound a bit cheap and nasty, so I suspect that it does suffer with reliability issues (but hay! thats just my own opinion).

Here's a review of some decent psu's
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Regards ZL

  Stuartli 16:28 12 Jul 2005

I notice Enermax gets a high recommendation....:-)

  Belatucadrus 19:12 12 Jul 2005

The thing to remember about ebuyer branded goods is that they source from a multitude of outlets, so there's no guarantee that they're selling the same product from one week to the next. Go to the reviews page and check out the most recent postings, should give an idea as to current quality.
Most of the time it's good stuff, but they do occasionally drop a clanger. The branded memory for example is cheap, but not cheerful.

  davidg_richmond 22:51 12 Jul 2005

A colleague bought the 500w model, installed it and the pc wouldnt switch on, sent it back and upgraded to the 600w which worked, was happy with the speed of replacement and finds it going fine.

You've got to weigh up buying something cheap that might fail earlier or expensive but lasts. Remember that the PSU is one of the hardest working parts of the PC.

  BeForU 23:39 12 Jul 2005

Mysticnas, I would opt for a more expensive high quality brand of PSU, especially for your current system specs. People tend to overlook PSU, but it is a real important component. And many tend to be influenced that high wattage is better when clearly it is not, and especially when they are priced too cheaply. Never ever go for cheap PSU's unless you have some really old PC that you don't really care about. Since you said you do lots of multimedia design, I take it that your computer is important for work stuff, so its better to go for something that is more expensive and of high quality. You'd want something that will guarantee long lifetime and stability to your system.

So personally, go for quality brand names like Enermax, Thermaltake, Coolermaster or Antec. I have a Antec TrueBlue 480W PSU myself, and for the price of £70 when I paid for it months ago, it really is worth it. Good high amps on each rail, and it provides enough high quality juice to my PC.

So yeah, quality over quantity is the thing when it comes to PSU's.

  Mysticnas 09:23 13 Jul 2005

what i'll do is plug in the new CPU and AGP card and see if i need more power. If all is well then that's fine.

It won't do any damage will it if the current cheiftec 320W PSU doesn't provide enough juice?

I mean would it blow any of the components or just simple not switch on?

  Belatucadrus 11:48 13 Jul 2005

would it blow any of the components ? Unlikely, blown components usualy come from excess power such as power surges or lighting strikes.

simple not switch on? More likely, but as a PCs power demand fluctuates dependant on the load put on the CPU and VGA, it may well start and then get a little flaky if the components start demanding more than the PSU can supply.

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