hotant 21:31 10 Jul 2004

I received part of an order from Ebuyer to build my first pc.The problem is i recieved a email saying that the delivery people had informed them that i only received part of the order and the other bit was missing and Ebuyer informed me to tell them what was deliveried and what was missing on my order and would i like a replacement or a refund.I asked them i would like a replacement but two days later they told me i would have to wait until they made a claim agaist the delivery people before a refund or a replacement.i have now told them that i want a refund now and will close my account as soon as i do.The item only costs £31.92 altogether and the delivery people has admitted they lost it so why am i made to suffer and wait for another item to be sent to me.Just be aware these company don't give a damm about us while they keep our money while we wait for them to claim.Not worth the hassle at the end of the day.

  spuds 22:03 10 Jul 2004

I fully understand you feelings, but Ebuyer supplied the goods and these have been lost by a third party, the courier. Ebuyer will need to make sure that the courier will reimburse them, before they can reimburse you.I am sure Ebuyer will regain your confidence.

  hotant 22:34 10 Jul 2004

So you telling me if the courier doesn't reimburse them i will not get a replacement or a refund thats sounds fair to you!!Ebuyer will never regain my confidence

  smokingbeagle 23:26 10 Jul 2004

These companies are very good for speed and price but always seem to fall down when something goes wrong with the courier. Remember they chose the courier, they have a long term relationship with the courier and its their responsibility to sort out problems with their chosen courier.Persist. Get service now.

  spuds 23:28 10 Jul 2004

I am not telling you what you have suggested.Ebuyer and the courier have a procedure which they activate in a case like the one you are complaining about. It's all to do with insurance cover and business contractual terms.Your claim will be met no doubt, but these things do take time.

I use Ebuyer on a regular basis, spending in excess of £31.92 on all occasions. In fact I have just placed an order this evening with Ebuyer for nearly £140.00.They have never let me down so far,and I have full confidence in their trading methods.

  hotant 00:28 11 Jul 2004

Its not the cost of it,its where its left me.As i said the courier has admitted its lost the parcel so think i should have been sent a replacement as it seems to be straight forward.And its not my claim i havn't recieved what i paid for.I've spent a few quid with them in the last two month's but have spent more with other company's and have had things resent straight away after they have gone walkies as i hadn't received the items and the case is the same here.Not going to wait for two or three weeks plus for a replacement i needed those bits today not tommrow.

  bremner 07:12 11 Jul 2004

You do not say how long you have waited.

I experienced a similar issue with the courier, City Link, loosing my Ebuyer Order.

Ebuyer told me exactly the same as they have told you. I received the replacement two days later.

  hotant 09:34 11 Jul 2004

No time was given,it took them two days to let me know that they have to make a claim why didn't they tell me in the first place so i could have got a replacement from somewhere else needed it for the weekend.

I recently had a wrong order from ebuyer and they then sent out the replacement twice!

I found their e-note system a bit like walking knee deep in mud - very slow and very laborious but you do get there in the end.

If anyone from ebuyer is reading this - the one suggestion I would make is to take the time to read notes properly 'cos there is nothing more frustrating than waiting 2 days for a reply then finding out it bears no relation to what you have written.

Other than that I have been very happy with ebuyer in the past!

  hotant 20:15 11 Jul 2004

Read the notes slowly not much to read just seems clear to me that i can't get a replacement or a refund until the claim has been meet.Leaves me in limbo really until the claim has been meet.

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