eBay,first listing help please.

  iqs 18:03 08 Apr 2008

Hello.I have just completed my first eBay listing.

All has gome to plan,except that my listing is stating PAYPAL as a payment option.

I don't have a PAYPAL acount,dont want one to be honest.

I have stated cash on collection only.But it will not let me save my ad unless PP is included.

It states I can join PP after the auction to accept payment,ok I thought.This was the only way to complete the ad.

Then it asks for an email address.You have to state your address,or you can not save the listing.I have included my address.

But when I scroll down my ad,and come to payment,PP and postal orders,cheques are included as a payment option

How do I remove this option please.

Any help please,Cheers

  Totally-braindead 18:35 08 Apr 2008

It depends on what you are seliing and that might be part of the problem.

I'm not fond of PayPal either mainly because as well as the fees for the listing off Ebay you also have PayPal taking their cut, so less for me. But recently I wanted to sell some computer games and they would not accept the listing unless I accepted PayPal as an option, because of the amount of copied games on the go they said. I think its more because Ebay own PayPal and want to increase profits but thats my opinion only.

Anyway I wanted to sell them so had to accept PayPal as a method of payment.

Regarding the not accepting cheques I don't know as I have never done this, I assumed you could just untick it.

  iqs 19:48 08 Apr 2008

Totally-braindead,thanks for the help.

Each time I am told that PP must be used.Surely its up to the seller how he or she receives payment.
I'm so angry about this .I spent nearly 3 hours trying to post my ad,gave up and posted this thread for assistance.
Have just e-mailed ebay asking why...
I will update you all if I receive a reply.Once again thanks.

  Totally-braindead 19:52 08 Apr 2008

I sold an item without having to put PayPal on it.

It depends what it is you are selling.

Some items they insist PayPal must be used as an option and some they don't.

I don't know what items MUST have the PayPal options and what don't so I can't really help you. I know that if you list software it must allow PayPal but some other items do not.

  iqs 20:00 08 Apr 2008

Totally-braindead,I trIEd with various items,HiFi,books,comics even CD's.All requested PAYPAL.
I hope that the reply from ebay is favourable.Cheers

  iqs 20:01 08 Apr 2008

typing error... tried

  Totally-braindead 20:04 08 Apr 2008

Thats odd. I sold a few things about a month ago and the only thing it would not accept without PayPal was the games.

It could be because you have not sold before.

Just a thought.

  Pamy 21:32 08 Apr 2008

Just state that buyer is to ignore paypal and only pay by cheque or cash on collection

  iqs 22:06 08 Apr 2008

Totally-braindead and Pamy.I will see what ebay says.If its the norm,I will do as Pamy suggests.Thanks again for all the help,its appreciated.

  iqs 22:44 08 Apr 2008

On my listing,where it states item location,it shows nearly all of my address.How can I limit the info to just the city please?.Thanks

  rickf 09:09 09 Apr 2008

If you go to My eBay under messages you'll see a newsletter informing members that PP will have to be accepted as a form of payment from a certain date, which I can't recall at the moment w/o locking into eBay.

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