Ebay, won item but no contact from seller

  pcw Manager!!??! 18:39 11 Sep 2006

Hi all, I won an item on ebay and have waited 8 days, sent 5 emails (via the ebay message service) but I have received nothing from the seller. Should I leave Negative feedback and give up or give them longer. (They have had a little Neg feedback already but I thought "Give them a chance")

  Totally-braindead 18:42 11 Sep 2006

Contact Ebay and follow their procedure for not receiving the item, they will send him/her an email then and see what happens.

  €dstowe 18:43 11 Sep 2006

I'd be more concerned about any money I'd paid out than leaving fairly pointless comments.

  HondaMan 18:51 11 Sep 2006

Not wishing to hijack this thread, but I returned an item on 24th July and I'm still waiting for my money back!

  mammak 19:13 11 Sep 2006

They recomend 14 days before contacting ebay
and it is pointless leaving neg feedback it only gets their backup as there could be a genuine reason for the delay,

and it would depend how much it is that you have lost?

I lost £12 once so I left it as it wasnt worth the hassle only thing that fustrated me was it was my little girls money but if the are going to do you they dont care about that eh!

good luck anyway.

  lisa02 19:55 11 Sep 2006

Did you pay or are you waiting for an invoice?

You can report them as a "non selling seller" click here


You can report them for item not delivered, click here if you've paid.

Either way leave the negative feedback thing until the very last hurdle has been past. They'll probably leave you a retaliatory negative feedback as a thankyou if you "neg" them.

  spuds 22:30 11 Sep 2006

Give it 14 days at least, then inform eBay.Perhaps the seller as a good reason for not replying, like being on holiday, broken computer etc. Remember though, if you have paid via PayPal then a dispute claim may/will cost you £15.00.

Do not give any negative feedback, until you have exhausted all avenues of contact with the seller. Then only give a negative if you think that will prevent other people having similar problems with this seller.

  hastelloy 08:55 12 Sep 2006

You can request the sellers details - address, tel no, from ebay - they will email you the seller's details and the seller your details at the same time. You can then ring the seller (or try to). If this doesn't work then report them for a non sent item.

  rickf 13:02 13 Sep 2006

I sell and buy using eBay and always responds to emails from both buyers and sellers asap. Sellers who do not respond to emails are not worth bothering with. If you don't get your item by the specified, time contact eBay, ask for refund under item not recieved and leave negative feedback.

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