ebay woes

  Bailey08787 12:54 12 Feb 2003

Today I tried to buy an item off ebay. I submitted a winning bid - and waited for the time to expire. Nobody else seemed interested, and once it was down to the last minute, I was thinking I had almost made my purchase.

However, with 17 seconds left, a new bid was submitted, £1 higher than mine - thats fair enough I thought, expecting the auction to be extended for another half hour or hour, enabling me or anyone else interested in the item to submit a counter bid.

However, the auction just closed. Is this standard for ebay? I have bought things from dabsexchange (internet auction site)before, and whenever a new bid is made in the final minutes of the auction, the auction is extended by at least 10 minutes. This enables the prospective buyers to decide whether they want to go any higher - and also means the seller can get the best price for their goods. - a win win situation for all parties.

However in my recent experience, only one party wins - the guy who came in at the last minute.

I'm thinking I lost out as I wasn't familiar with all the ins and outs of ebay - i imagine the seller has the option to select whether the auction gets extended or not - i can't see why the seller wouldn't want to get the best price for his/her goods though. Or I imagine the late bid was maybe some kind of proxy bid.

Oh well, I guess I will have to be a bit more sly with my bidding next time, in order to avoid getting gazumped

  TBH1 13:21 12 Feb 2003

when you bid for something, it gives you the option to place your 'maximum' bid, then if your original bid is , well, outbid, and not your maximum, you will still be the winner.
For instance, suppose the thing you want is £10, and you feel you would give , say £20, you bid £20 but you will be the highest bidder at £10. If someone comes in with a bid of £11, you will automatically be winning with £12, then if someone bids £13, you still have it with £14. Hope it ain't confusin' - - -you will certainly know the next time.

  tran1 13:28 12 Feb 2003

This type of gazumping is common. There are people who thrive on this. They cheekily wait until the very last minute to outbid and bagging the prize, lol!

Its best to always bid the maximum amount your willing to pay and if you are outbidded, you won't feel as bad.

There's an ebay tool bar that you can get that willl keep track of any items for you. Its an IE plug-in.

It's known as sniping, and it is possible to get a programme that will automatically submit a last second bid on your behalf. If 2 people are after the same item, it would depend on which bid was set closest to the wire.

  Brian-318590 15:51 12 Feb 2003

its quiet normal on ebay to get this happening all i,ve done is play the same game getting my bid in last to win the item

  Pilch.... 16:14 12 Feb 2003

wait for theauction, then place my bid, perhaps 10 seconds from the end.... also happened on a few occasions where i have sold good's.

  Coaster3 20:29 13 Feb 2003

I watched a Victorian Crown today. The winning bid was submitted with 3 seconds to go.

The way to beat the sniper is to place a bid at what you are willing to pay. He then has to beat that to get the item. If you don't win, you know the item was more than you were prepared to pay and you have forced the sniper to pay more, probably, than he was prepared to pay.

  Coaster3 20:33 13 Feb 2003

Another example of sniping: I recently sold an Indian Army 1861 Cavalry Carbine on Ebay. The bids went to £261 and stayed there all week. In the last 10 minutes, the bids went from £261 to £375 with the last bid 4 seconds before the auction ended.

  hoverman 10:50 14 Feb 2003

Name of the game I am afraid. I have been outbid at the very last second on a few occasions but have no complaints about it. I accept that anyone is entitled to place a bid at any time right up to the close.

  hoverman 10:56 14 Feb 2003

I would add that on one occasion I was outbid within 10 seconds of the close. A short while later an identical item was on offer which I successfully bid for - got it for just over half the price I would have paid for the other one.

  Dekay 01:27 15 Feb 2003

Shop around first.
Many people seem to loose all common sense on ebay.
As stated above put youre maximum bid in at a price you think is fair. If you get beat then you haven't lost.
Shop around cus I see people bidding higher than you can get it new.

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