EBay warning

  steven_frost 15:47 22 Nov 2005

After seeing a deal for a laptop on Ebay i emailed they guy via the contact seller asking how much on buy now i got an email back saying his account had been hijacked and not to bid for any thing something like 30 items so i felt everyone should be warned the guys id is stefcarchris and their is a Gmail email address please do not bid for anything as you will likely lose your money i do have a copy of the email if anyone wish to confirm this please let everyone know

  Canis meus id co 16:26 22 Nov 2005

Erm, I'm wondering why the seller is detailed as being in Canada, the goods in Holland, and in the description on some items the email address shown is a googlemail.com address, which from what I understand is relating to a UK user.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  PaulB2005 16:30 22 Nov 2005

"googlemail.com address, which from what I understand is relating to a UK user"

Not necessarily. You can live in the UK and have a Hotmail.com (US) e-mail address and a Yahoo.de (Germany) address.

In fact you an live in any country and use any web-mail address that purports to be from ANY country. You are not limited to having web-mail addresses from your own country.

  PaulB2005 16:35 22 Nov 2005

Also has the account owner contacted eBay?

  roisin dubh 16:40 22 Nov 2005

Surely if the bona fide owner of the id knows is id has been hacked and people are selling high value items on his id the first thing that would/should happen should be ebay would suspend that user id pending an investigation. Have just done an ebay search against the user id and there are a lot of high value items there. A lot of money is potentially going to change hands without goods going the other way.

  interzone55 16:55 22 Nov 2005

"googlemail.com address, which from what I understand is relating to a UK user"

Due to legal action from a UK company that having been using the name gmail for a couple of years Google have been issuing all NEW UK clients with googlemail.com addresses, they've only been doing this for a few weeks, and it only applies to UK users (ie people logging in from UK IP addresses)
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  PaulB2005 17:06 22 Nov 2005

"ie people logging in from UK IP addresses"

Didn't know that.

However who's to say that's not be hijacked too?

  rickf 14:40 23 Nov 2005

Its that time of the year when people throw caution to the wind and the fraudster are talking advantage of it. Be very careful. Bought a rare guitar from a 1st time seller and someone in Ireland hijacked his listing. When I spotted it he reported it to ebay and the listing was taken out. Prob. for him was eBay suspicious of him too, suspended his membership and asking for more proof of identity. He now can't access his payment from me which is frozen by PP. I am safe however as the transaction had completed and my guitar is arriving tomorrow, it being tracked via the parcelforce website. I have also spoken with him thru' his landline no. He is quite distraught at the moment. SOOO be very careful before bidding and paying is the advice here.

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