Ebay temptation, is it any good?

  Epirb406 20:00 16 May 2009

Hi all, I have been looking at this on Ebay:

click here

My computing needs are not that beefy and I wondered if this machine could give me some fan free peace whilst I word processed, catalogued photos and watched the odd DVD.

Any opinions? Just how powerful can a PC be at this price point?

Thanks all, Epirb.

  interzone55 20:23 16 May 2009

The seller is using the old eBay seller trick of adding the two cores together to inflate the apparent clock rate.

What you're getting for your money is a dual core Intel Atom chip as used in the tiny Netbooks.

If you're needs don't stretch much beyond basic surfing and word processing you'll be fine...

  OTT_Buzzard 20:25 16 May 2009

Not very s the simple answer, but for internet / email and the odd bit of letter writng it will be ok.

If you're intersted in that kind of PC, have a look at this: click here

Very similar spec from a very reputable company.

  Epirb406 22:04 16 May 2009

Will check it out tomorrow, sorry I got distracted this evening.

Think though that I will be looking for something a bit more powerful.

Quiet and low power is good though!

All the best, Epirb.

  Mi Casa 22:17 16 May 2009

Slightly more expensive but worth a look.

In fact I bought one of these earlier this week : click here :

  [email protected] 23:11 16 May 2009

that the computer in the original post has Windows 7 installed. This can only be an evaluation copy, which is not entirely bug free yet (although from my experience it seems pretty good!), but more importantly, it will expire in June next year, leaving you with no choice but to fork out on a new OS (or go down the Linux route).

  Epirb406 22:36 04 Jun 2009

What's anyone think of this?

I am well out of date but I can't build for this price can I?

click here

Thanks for opinions as ever, Epirb.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:53 04 Jun 2009

It looks like it's being done at roughly cost price for retail components, but hard to tell for sure without more detail.

I'm sure you're more savvy, but please don't fall for the old ebay trick of advertisng a PC as being a 'quad core 9.32GHz'. I wait for the day that that kind of advert could be genuine!!
The reality is (sorry if this is teching you to suck eggs) that the processor is a quad core 2.33GHz, which is in no way shape or form the same as a '9.32GHz'.

Frankly, if you know (or have confidence that you can) build a similar spec PC, then do it yourself. That way you get final say over the components and the usually very good warranties that entail.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:55 04 Jun 2009

Frankly, if you know (or have confidence that you can) build a similar spec PC

ooops. Must be past my bed time!!

Should have read:

Frankly, if you THINK (or have confidence that you can) build a similar spec PC

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