Ebay shill - bidding

  Al94 08:43 28 Jan 2007

Prominent article in today's Sunday Times click here This has been common knowledge for a long time and is a "risk" in any auction situation I would have thought.

  Al94 08:44 28 Jan 2007

and a second article click here

  The Brigadier 09:09 28 Jan 2007

Mrs Brigadier uses a well known car boot sale to sell items, lots of collectors go their purely to buy collectables & know that it's safer than ebay.

  Totally-braindead 15:14 28 Jan 2007

I would have thought that anyone who buys on Ebay would realise this can happen and would watch for it.
I personally check the proper retail price of the item before I even bid on it and check the feedback as well. Reason I mention checking the price is sometimes people can bid ridiculous amounts for items resulting in the item being more expensive than buying it from a shop. In short they are bidding on an item without any knowledge of what the item is actually worth.
I haven't had a problem so far.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:25 28 Jan 2007

Totally-braindead is right. I always look for the best price I can find from conventional online retailers or local shops before looking on eBay. I only buy via eBay if doing so will show a significant saving, including postage. For example, if I am looking for a computer game or a dvd, I always check Play first.

  Totally-braindead 15:41 28 Jan 2007

I've just been having a look on Ebay at the Windows Xp section and I noticed a seller selling XP Pro full version not an upgrade or an academic package and new and unused for less than £50. 100% customer satisfaction, admitadly his rating is only 10. But if you look at each item he has bought they are all Ebooks for 99p. Therefore the rating in this case can't be trusted and I would not buy this item from him as it appears to me he is just buying rubbish to boost his rating and make him look genuine.
Perhaps I am doing him a disservice but XP Pro Full Version unused would not sell for less that £50 on a buy it now.
If you did buy from him theres every chance you would either not get the item or would get a copied disk. In my opinion.

  Diemmess 17:58 28 Jan 2007

A name for everything "shill" never heard of it in my sheltered environment - until now.

I'm sorry but I don't see what is wrong with a friend upping the bidding. If he over does it he may be left with a purchase he didn't want, so the vendor will pay a commission as well as the set-up charges.

If anyone is so blind as to bid higher than the market value, then more fool he.

Like a traditional public auction it is open to abuse, but at the fall of the hammer the successful bidder has no one to blame but himself if he bid too much.

  spuds 18:21 28 Jan 2007

eBay have already introduced a couple of further safety measures into their system ( members ID + private feedbacks), an email that I recently had from eBay's Trust & Safety division, informs me of another seven prevention and safety ideas are going to apply within 2007.

But there's nothing like making a bid and winning an item, only to receive an email stating that item was stolen on the night the auction finished. Only to find one/two month down the line, the same seller as the same item for sale, at a bigger reserve price :O(

  alB 18:22 28 Jan 2007

I've bought off Ebay for a number of years now, I always make my maximun bid my first bid and never get into a bidding war with anyone, if I win, I win, if I don't, there's always another day, some people do pay ridiculously over the odds for some items ...alB

  spuds 18:50 28 Jan 2007

Agree on 'paying over the odds'. Some sellers have a 'Buy Now' option if you look at their sales. Yet some people get carried away, and pay far in excess to the 'Buy Now' price for the same item. Only the other night, someone nearly doubled the price of an item. It was obvious that the buyer was thinking 'must have', and all logic had gone out of the window.

  Ranger 20:27 29 Jan 2007

EBAY give you astandard reply regards shill bidding, frankly ythey don't give a toss

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