ebay sellers that don't leave you feedback.......

  dagnammit 08:51 27 Apr 2009

I've purchased quite a few small 'buyitnow' items on ebay recently, the sellers always ask for positive feedback but they don't always reciprocate.

I find it a tad annoying and don't bother with the seller again.

Any thoughts?

  Smokeyone 09:25 27 Apr 2009

The same thing happens with items I have purchased with "buyitnow"

  spuds 09:46 27 Apr 2009

Don't tell me about it, because it seems to be on the increase. I find that new eBayers are the worst, some want you to give them a positive, yet at the same time, they abuse the system.

I use eBay every day, and I am beginning to get rather annoyed at chasing up items, or receiving items not as truly described, communications can also result in being ignored. Over the past month, I have had funds refunded due to the seller not dispatching the items. Never use to have this problem, but as I have already stated, it seems to be the new eBayer who is the main offender, and thankfully not everyone is like these offenders. Genuine and trustworthy people do a deal, then honour the deal, no matter what. Others seem to go on the lines that perhaps the deal isn't showing any profit, and as such doesn't require servicing, even though they have received payment in full!.

The other thing to consider, is that some people will not post a feedback until they have received one from you first, in case you provide a less than glowing report. Another point worth considering, is that some business eBayer's have automatic feedback response systems.

  jimv7 10:30 27 Apr 2009

Just recently I have had feedback from some sellers as soon as they have received payment, which is unusual but should be the norm.

  dagnammit 10:47 27 Apr 2009

Indeed it should as we have done our part of the deal in paying up promptly.

  kieronkirk 11:09 27 Apr 2009


Just recently I have had feedback from some sellers as soon as they have received payment, which is unusual but should be the norm.

I had hardly finished a Paypal payment, checked for a confirmation e-mail, to find the seller had left good feedback thanking me for the prompt payment!


  ray7 13:20 27 Apr 2009

The latest rule from e.bay prohibits sellers from leaving negative feedback re buyers. I recently sold an item and the buyer neither paid, or responded to my e.mails.

To leave feedback, I was given only one choice.....positive feedback, which I was not
prepared to give yet the site constantly reminded me to send feedback. I still cannot fasthom the logic of e.bay preventing sellers from leasving negative feedback.

  ened 15:51 27 Apr 2009

I don't have much to do with ebay anymore but in a situation like you describe can the seller seek redress through ebay themselves.

Surely they should ban an individual who does not honour his/her committments.

  ray7 19:35 27 Apr 2009

In this case the 'buyer' did exactly the same with another seller the following day and his registration was withdrawn. still feel the seller should be allowed to submit negative feedback to help future sellers

  spuds 19:49 27 Apr 2009

The reason eBay changed the system was due to some sellers holding buyers to ransom, by threatening to give negative feedbacks.

When you give feedback, you can add further comment at a later stage, or agree to removal.

With the change of system, you could give a positive rating, but perhaps a negative comment. Only to be perhaps reported ;o)

  AL47 20:37 27 Apr 2009

sometimes i forget to leave sellers feedback, plus i want to leave it until the end of the guarantee period..

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