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  Portal11 06:13 24 May 2011

Hi everyone, on the 20th of may this year (2011) or four days ago i bought some DDR3 RAM off a young lad in the uk, i paid within ten minutes and knew i had bought a bargain they retail at around £100 and bought them on a Auction for £23 which included delivery, having waited three days i had no reply from the ebayer and nothing arrived?

so i again emailed them via ebay and still got nothing so i looked at their feedback and noticed they had only sold 88 items and was on 92.2% positive which isnt good for such a small amount of transactions, to my horror i also noted that they had done similar things to other members he had sold things that wasnt what he said and also sold something and never sent it!

so i requested Ebay send me his details so i can contact him and he has since changed his number Pfffff

just after i requested his details i had an email from him saying he had in fact sold the RAM to his mate!! Grrr and would give me a refund he said he was sorry and told me to have "Some compassion" as he put it! "how dare he!" so now ive not had no refund he's not returning my emails nothing! ive been to ebay and yet again they have TOTALY let me down they are stating the transaction hasnt been active long enough to file a complaint against him (i believe he is going to close his account down) and paypal wont cancel the transaction cause they state its now "Complete" so where do i stand has anyone any idea? i remember speaking to them on live chat a year ago but its stating its not available? only on Pacific time's only? can anyone PLEASE help! thanks

  Forum Editor 06:15 24 May 2011

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  chub_tor 08:28 24 May 2011

I had a similar experience about a year ago when I "won" a webcam for what would have been a good price. The seller refused to take my money from the PayPal account, neither eBay or PayPal could do anything about it. After insisting they contact him (emails to his address went unanswered, his listed phone number had never heard of him) eBay got him to change his phone number TO MINE! Absolute nightmare as I now got phone calls from other buyers trying to find him. It was never resolved and I never got my webcam, but at least I lost no money.

My guess is that he didn't "sell to his mate" but changed his details and re-listed it to get a better price.

Wish I could help but it seems that with eBay it is "buyer beware" and I am now ultra cautious before bidding on goods.

  spuds 08:51 24 May 2011

There are a number of points that are worth considering, when making eBay transactions.

One is to read eBays terms and conditions, which clearly state the terms of making a claim, and three/four days is well below the amount of time for making a claim.

Always read the sellers feedbacks, before even considering as to whether you want to bid or do a 'buy now'. Feedbacks can give some indication as to the seller, especially if they are new to eBay. If I want an item, and any doubt comes to mind, then I usually email the seller with a question, then see if or what the response is.

Regarding time scales for delivery, the seller usually gives this in their delivery details (I use this as an indicator). Over the years I have made a number of purchases on a weekly basis, and have received some items virtually the next day. Other items might take up to 3/4 weeks, especially if they are from Hong Kong or the USA. I received an item only yesterday, which was purchased 3 weeks ago from a company fairly local. The item was bespoke and was built to order, but I was forewarned about this, and I accepted as such.

Over the many deals that I have done deals through eBay, I have had to make about 10 claims for various reasons.So you can perhaps say that I am a seasoned eBayer!.

In each case, eBay or PayPal have refunded the purchase price, because they found in my favour. But it does take a little time, and certainly more than 3/4 days from date of transaction.Keep with it, and keep records, you may then experience the joys and lows of eBaying!.

  chub_tor 13:34 24 May 2011

spuds you make some very good points and I am now much more wary who I buy from on eBay. I still don't see though how eBay can prevent someone who receives a lower bid than they want for a particular item from simply not claiming the money from PayPal and not sending the goods out. Yes eBay can chase them as they did in my case, but if the seller does not claim the money from PayPal he can make a simple account change and offer the goods again to try and tempt a higher offer. It may be against eBay rules and ethics but I suspect that I am not the only one who has been disappointed in this way. I did not lose any money and perhaps that justifies it in the eyes of the seller but it is shifty practice nevertheless.

  Portal11 14:13 24 May 2011

chub_tor & Spuds!

Thanks guys! very usefull to know! i have managed to cancel the transaction but still ebay/PP are not helping me! ive got 160 transactions with100% posative feedback as a seller/buyer this guy has just 88 & got 92% posative! yet they seems to not want to push him to pay me back.? thanks again

  spuds 14:31 24 May 2011


eBay works in mysterious ways at times, and the issue you have raised is a well known how some sellers work. I have had it happen to me on more than one occasion. In cases like that, I tend to try and warn other potential 'victims' via feedbacks in a suttle way.

  spuds 14:46 24 May 2011


When the time for a dispute claim arrives, then put one in. PayPal under their protection scheme will give a refund.

Under the new eBay/PayPal protection scheme, claims are more easily and readily settled than what was done previously.

Regarding feedback ratings, then you will need to 'read whats in them' to understand the actual rating. A person with possibly 2 sales, which one of them turns out 'bad', might have a poor 50% rating (not very good!). Another person with 50 sales, might have 2 'bad' last sales, which would hardly effect their score rating.

That is why some people might sell a whole host of cheaper items, so as to gain an high positive feedback quickly, then start having sales problems with higher priced items, with the end results that they might do or try to do a 'runner'.

  Portal11 15:57 24 May 2011

ty Spuds your a starman! for explaining that. I'l put u on my xmas card list :-) Thanks so much P11

  spuds 18:36 24 May 2011


Perhaps a word of warning. Making a dispute claim as a start time limit and a cut-off time limit. Make sure that you use the earliest start time limit, otherwise you could have a claims problem.

  Portal11 10:00 25 May 2011

Morning guys

OK he told me he had in fact sold them to his mate whilst the RAM was active on Ebay! he also emailed me to my email address and NOT via Ebay so they cannot monitor the conversation between us! he told me "Please look at it from my point of view i needed the money so i sold them to my mate cause my girlfriend is pregnant so have some compassion" now i can prove my point to my horror this morning he has relisted the RAM! (SEE HIS FEEDBACK!)


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