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  Sibbo 19:20 05 Aug 2006

I sold an item a couple of days ago, and received payment via PayPal. I sent the item via 1st class recorded delivery. The next day I used the Royal Mail Track and Trace facility to see how things were progressing with the package in question, and others. I was surprised to see a message stating that the item was being sent back to me because it could not be delivered. I've since received the parcel back, and the Royal Mail sticker on it states that the package was refused, and that the address was incomplete. The address was the one registered with Paypal. The buyer has not answered my questions regarding the refusal to accept the package. Instead, he has questioned if I sent it to the correct address, and asked me to re-post it to him with no offer to pay the new P&P costs. What can I do? Thanks in advance.

  spuds 19:48 05 Aug 2006

I have a golden rule about this sort of thing. After I have checked with the address provided by eBay (PayPal do not provide a postal address, only a contact email address), I then contact the buyer, and ask for confirmation of the FULL postal address ( Sometimes people provide just a name and postcode for the contact!). If there are any discrepancies, then I would take this up with the buyer and perhaps involve eBay, if things look suspect.I also request a telephone contact number at the end of the sale.

In this case, I would check your facts regarding the buyers address. If the fault was due to you, then you would be liable to cover your own loses. If the buyer gave false details, then negotiate on the basis, that the error was theirs.

  Sibbo 19:55 05 Aug 2006

Spuds, when PayPal send out a "Notification Of An Instant Payment", it does have a delivery address for the buyer. This is the address that I used.

  Woolwell 21:16 05 Aug 2006

I had a problem with postal addresses when my son was living in a flat in Birmingham. Had to use the address as specified in the Royal Mail address/post code finder.
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Everyone may know an address as Flat 14, House, Street, City but unless it fits in with Royal Mail then there seems to be problems.

  Woolwell 21:17 05 Aug 2006

ps. Personally I think that the buyer ought to pay for providing an incorrect address.

  silverous 21:18 05 Aug 2006

Someone sent me a game once and the packaging was damaged in transit so the post office returned it to the sender as his name & address was clearly on it. He paid to get it resent to me, and paid additional for next day service as it was late.

Having said that, the 'norm' seems to be that the buyer bears the cost of postage and if that postage is increased because of trouble with the address why should the seller pay more for it.

However ebay will encourage you to resolve the matter. Why don't you email him again and explain that you sent it to the correct address (do you have any proof of this?) If you have proof, ask him if he's prepared to pay the additional postage costs. If he isn't offer to refund the sale minus postage and then relist maybe?

  spuds 21:45 05 Aug 2006

Sibbo-- Apologies, I was thinking in terms of buyer and not seller. Memory lapse on my part :O)

Would add that I knew of an incident once,when someone lived in a two occupancy house, and the other occupant kept refusing to except mail for the other person. Result was that Royal Mail returned items to the sender's. Eventually this problem came to light, and was corrected. Not saying it as happened in your case, but worth thinking about!.

  Sibbo 21:47 05 Aug 2006

I sent it 1st class recorded silverous. I have actually sent him another message already asking him to pay the postage. I've also given him the chance to get a refund less fees. Only trouble is, he doesn't answer quickly enough, so that it also slowing things down. I've told him that I will not be able to reply to him until next Wednesday night because I'll be offline (which is true), but it has made no difference to him.

  fitcher 18:12 09 Aug 2006

you have a moral responsability to send the packet//
today i am about to send a parcel to a winner on ebay .foolishly i put starting bid at 99pence .on the last minute someone wone the item as the only bidder. and he who was also the only viewer .........value of item was over well thirty pounds by the way .yes i am well out of pocket .and yes i was about to withdraw item as i realised my mistake.having used the wrong heading for add , but was to slow in doing so .oh well whatever .thats life .no use crying over spilt milk now

  Stuartli 22:48 09 Aug 2006

>>you have a moral responsability to send the packet// >>

Sorry, but I don't agree.

Sibbo clearly states: "The address was the one registered with Paypal"; it's up to the buyer to provide the full and correct address.

  Stuartli 22:51 09 Aug 2006


Your own experience bears no relation to Sibbo's circumstances.

In your own words: "..and yes I was about to withdraw item"..."as I realised my mistake having used the wrong heading for ad."

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