EBay - Good/Bad

  cje1 17:46 06 Aug 2004

Following my experiences buying goods on EBay I would be interested in other peoples views of their buying experiences through them.

Please note this is not at a critisism of EBay.

  Mister Splendid©® 18:04 06 Aug 2004

My experience of eBay has generally been good. I have had one slow payer and one slow seller. Nothing has actually gone wrong though. I do pay close attention to seller and bidder feedback which I would strongly recommend all eBay users do. Mine is 44 with 100% positive by the way.

  rickf 18:06 06 Aug 2004

Generally, mine has been a good one both buying and selling. It is a pain though that after a certain amount the limit is reached and you have to validate your card or set up DD from your bank account even though there are plenty of funds in your CC in order to carry on trading.

  helmetshine 18:08 06 Aug 2004

I've only bought a few things and been very happy so far...never sold anything so can't comment on that side of it

  [email protected] 18:10 06 Aug 2004


I've bought about 15 items and sold about ten - no problems at all and I think all involved in transactions have been satisfied.

I agree with Mister Splendid about taking account of previous feedback and also taking care about what you are buying - I've been relitavely cautious and never bought anything costing more than £50 (but that is creeping slowly up).

I've been using Ebay for 2 years now, but only started selling earlier this year.

I haven't had any problems so far. As has already been said, be careful about what you're bidding for and read the buyers/sellers feedback.

Also, communicate with the buyer/seller.
This can make transactions much more pleasant and avoid problems.

  cje1 18:53 06 Aug 2004

I have only bought goods on Ebay and my most recent purchase, a washing machine became faulty after a couple of hours. It's very much 'sold as seen' with no guarentee if things go wrong.

  smokingbeagle 19:05 06 Aug 2004

Always read the negative feedback on yopur seller / buyer even though it will be a small percentage. Gives an indication of any issues with this person. Also read the feedback they have left for others. Abusive or intemperate feedback means you will have problems resolving any difficulties.

  Hamish 19:14 06 Aug 2004

I have only recently started buying and it has been fun up to now but beware of getting carried away with your bidding as you can end up paying over the odds and could buy cheaper in the shops. Also remember to add the postage costs to get the final price. Otherwise no problems

  Wilham 20:16 06 Aug 2004

I find Ebay very useful, especially as I'm getting old and can't shop around so much.

There are things I don't like. Have you noticed the items with rediculously low prices shown alongside, and when you look closer you find it's a buy-now for a telephone number or web page info where the item can be purchased at the said low figure? I am surprised this is allowed.

The feedback system is not that efficent. A winning bid early this year brought an item that was not quite as advertised. I hesitated on feedback because if I posted a negative I get one back. In fact no feedback was made by either of us.

Yes, Ebay can be good, but be aware a lot of junk gets unloaded.

  ouijaouija 21:30 06 Aug 2004

I have 100% feedback on ebay so that is good.

1)COst of selling is loads
2)Feedback system sucks as if you leave bad feedback for a nonpyer they can do the same.
3)No protection against people who don't pay. There some rubbish system that takes weeks and it only gets your listing fee returned.
4)Generally very good.

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