Ebay - fraud warning

  AdeJ 15:33 05 Jul 2003

I tried to take part in a restricted auction on eBay where you have to email the seller first to be authorised to bid. I wasn't approved in time to actually bid and missed it.

Two days later the 'company' (claiming to be the UK office of a major chip manufacturer) emailed me directly offering me a second chance to buy the processors directly from them. I transferred funds from my bank account to their bank account (the only method they offered for payment - and within my own Bank so I thought I would be safe) only to find out yesterday when I contacted the processor manufacturer that this 'company' was not affiliated to them at all, does not exist, that they were very familiar with this particular 'company' and scam, and that they had reported it to the authorities and eBay two months ago.

The bank will not get involved and I have yet to see if eBay will supply any account details.

The whole matter is now in the hands of the police who told me that this "failed auction turns to direct contact" is quite a common fraud and I am by no means the first to lose a few hundred pounds.

Moral of the story: if you see something through eBay then carry out the transaction *through* eBay - that way at least you have some hope with their fraud protection.

I'll go and slap myself now...

  Steven135 15:38 05 Jul 2003

AdeJ, Timely warning from hard won painful experience thanks.

  AdeJ 15:58 05 Jul 2003

Just trying to atone for my sin of ignoring my instincts...

  somar 17:30 05 Jul 2003

Although I have been using computers and internet for very long, personally, I am only shopping on ? line if that particular web site is backed by real office space like Simply Computers, Misco or something along those lines, or if someone else was beta tester of that unknown web site.

  tufnut 18:50 05 Jul 2003

I had a similar experience when trying to buy an Operating system. " The Seller", wanted me to contact him first. same sort of answer. but offered to sell me all kinds of stuff. During several E-Mails,in which he used various alieses And finally tried to get my "ATM details,including <PIN number" supposedley through "Paypal". Unless every thing is staight forward, simple and clear. Avoid it. Credit Cards are designed to make trasactions simple and speedy. If there are
"STRINGS" attached to any deal(or unnecessary complications."Smell a rat".they are sure to be up to,"NO GOOD" All the best,and please be carefull...Tufnut

  hoverman 06:21 06 Jul 2003

Another eBay hoax appears to be doing the rounds. I received an email yesterday - subject matter 'Security Alert' - in which I was asked to logon to ebay. The email looked just like the a geneuine ebay page and had boxes in which to type my username and password. Needless to say I did no such thing and deleted it immediately.

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:05 06 Jul 2003

Three days ago I made a bid for a laptop on e-bay and now I'm receiving umpteen e-mails offering me a similar item.

Most purport to originate in Spain, and one even asked me to transfer funds via Western Union.

That's my first and last attempt to buy through e-bay. It may not be their fault, but it's certainly their problem and they should be taking steps to stop it.

  AdeJ 09:26 07 Jul 2003

And have asked eBay to consider not revealling email addresses during transactions but to forward messages through their system - as happens with initial contact.

Give them their due, they have asked for all the header information on the emails so that they can carry out their own investigation - I'll let you know how it goes..

  hoverman 09:43 07 Jul 2003

A second bogus email purporting to have come from eBay has been received requesting me to confirm my registration details. This one also asked me for my full name and credit card details. The delete button was hit promptly.

  davidg_richmond 10:09 07 Jul 2003

eBay auction site. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

  Coaster3 10:35 07 Jul 2003

I beg to differ. I have bought and sold a lot of stuff on ebay and have never had a problem.

Before buying off anyone, always check their feedback file first. That will show whether or not they are "scum and villainy".

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