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  belfman 10:43 22 May 2008

I have bought two items recently that where not satisfactory.

One was a CD from Japan the cover was badly damaged in transit because the packaging wasn't adequate. My comment was a positive because the cd was still perfect and overall was impressed but the seller did not leave me feedback. :(

Just bought a game as a best offer at £11 (originally £15), listed as New and Sealed. It arrived and clearly is second hand. Disk fingerprinted and scratched as is the cover opened and marked. Just emailed the seller and she'll most probably get a negative from me and they cannot leave me a bad feedback. :)

I must say I think I like the new feedback system though I'll never rack up much of a score if I'm honest in leaving sellers feedback it seems.

  silverous 11:10 22 May 2008

I bought something from ebay recently, a router, and it was listed as 'New'. I was a bit suspicious given that the photo had all the items out of the box. When it arrived the box looked a little tatty but it did appear to be at least 'as new' condition. It works fine, however when I went to the admin page there was someone else's ISP login details there. It was also "v2" of the router when I know v3 or even v4 are out.

When I queried the new status of it the chap said it was new. When I presented the evidence re: ISP details he said he'd simply got it out to test it as it had been sat around for quite a while.

A said I wouldn't be able to leave positive feedback because i) It wasn't brand new, and ii) To me new implies that it is recently purchased not year or more old, and iii) If it had been plugged in and tested that should have been explained in the listing. I said that I may not have paid the same price had I known it was not brand new in box.

I have not as yet left feedback - would negative be justified in this case do you think? I too like the new system where sellers can't leave negative feedback as I think that certainly put me off in the past.

  belfman 11:34 22 May 2008

Opening the box and spreading out the contents is common for "new" listings. Usually states... opened to check contents or something to that effect. I'd leave a neutral if the item is ok and works (and of course I was happy to keep it) but the seller was not accurate with the listing.

With a comment like:

"Item not new but in good working order."

Also score him low in the 'item as described' question and so on.

The game I bought won't even play it's that badly scratched! :((

  belfman 13:42 22 May 2008

Well they have offered me a £6 refund. I managed to clean the disk with a wet wipe and it worked so my response to them was:

"To save hassle I will accept the £6 refund - I had planned to return it you as it's second hand/scratched, ie. in a condition that's not as described. What I intend to do now is trade it into a gameshop and pay extra for a new game. I called them and they said it's worth £5 as a trade in (£6 refund from you means I'm not at a loss, just inconvenienced) which is okay."

  xania 14:49 22 May 2008

You can always check how well a vendor posts feedback. Simply select a recent positive feedback recieved, then look up the purchaser's record and see if the vendor has also posted feedback. I've had a couple of deals where the oppo failed to post - unfortunately, one was the only occasion where I was the vendor - but the majority of vendors to post feedback even if some need to be pushed - and you do have the opportunity to add further comment to your feedback!!

  spuds 18:31 22 May 2008

The new rating system might have drawbacks to a buyers score, if the seller doe's not provide a feedback response, because they have been left a negative or neutral.

I buy many items from eBay, and find that any electrical or similar items have to be bought with care and due consideration. Like silverous, I recently purchased a 'new and unused' router. But it was obvious on inspection that there was certain items missing (manual and 2 filters)and that it had been used. The seller had given me a positive feedback due to fast payment, and asked why I had not left a feedback for them. My reply was that I was considering what to do regarding the false description. Still flipping the deciding coin on that one, and its to much hassle to go through procedures.

  silverous 18:57 22 May 2008

I left neutral feedback with an appropriate message. I felt rather guilty doing so, silly I know.

  belfman 20:26 22 May 2008

silverous your message may get the seller to be more truthful in his listings, or to warn potential buyers about his liking for mistruths.

spuds as a buyer and seller I think that the new system will need to be improved upon - there's still flaws.

  belfman 20:30 22 May 2008

No response as yet for my £6 refund. Not here in 5 days she'll get negged without further comms, if it does come through it will be a neutral.

  belfman 11:04 23 May 2008

I've received a full refund so I will post the item back today. But what feedback shall I leave?

She was polite, did say she should have checked the condition of the games (more than just me complained) and refunded no problem.

  spuds 11:24 23 May 2008

I think the answer is simple. You have got a full refund rather promptly, so end of the matter. No point in leaving a negative, now the seller cannot respond to negative/neutral feedbacks.

In the new eBay system, it doe's have a automatic survey pop-up for buyer bad feedback remarks. Whether eBay record these for future reference on any particular seller transaction, I am not sure.

I think that there will be some very vindictive remarks made in future feedbacks, because the uncertainty of bad feedbacks in return have been eliminated. It could well be, that trying to solve one problem, eBay are going to create another!.

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