Ebay disspute Fake DVD

  perpetual motion 17:15 04 Apr 2009

MAybe some here can help me please, i bought a DVD off Ebay & i recived it today, it was in a hard back cover then the disc came in a seperate dvd case inside the cover, when i started too watch it this morning it was of a below average quality & the cover looked fake as in the writing was faded & they was NO holograms or indication of "Genuineness",

I also noticed the picture quality wasnt great nor the sound in fact the picture was a little jumpy, i did some reasearch & the ebayer had sold just "45" items with a 95.4% pos feedback & three of the feedbacks was negative with two of them stating "Fake Dvd" so ive contacted PAyPal & ebay and made a disspute just over a hour ago & she has Declined to give me a refund of £6, Now its not the money here its the principle which ive told her, She her reply to ebay & PP was it is a original & its Region "1" NOT 2 (UK) but i thought we CANNOT play R1 dvd's over here.?

Can anyone suggest anything.?
PS its not a storm in a t-Cup its the principle of been ripped off.!

  AL47 17:25 04 Apr 2009

i dont buy dvds off ebay cause lot are fakes]

however if its a real and a region 1 the seller is in the clear, the dipute probably wont go through

many players here can play all regions, we have one ourseleves

  kindly 17:34 04 Apr 2009

Have you tried to play it on the computer DVD player and any other players that you access to. You will be able to see the size of the disc when you put it in the computer cd drawer and right click on the tray it shows up in. Then go to properties and click on that. It should show up as a full DVD of at least 8.5 gig.
If it comes up as around 4.5 its a fake. ALL dvd's are on a 9 gig disc with all the extras and the film (which is on the disc twice) will always come to a high amount.
With that info then you go back to Ebay and start to complain again giving them some info you have got from disc.
Hope this helps you.

  perpetual motion 17:45 04 Apr 2009

AL47 & kindley THANKYOU very much!!
im greatfull for your time & explanation!!
il do what u said kindley on my pc !!

  perpetual motion 18:29 04 Apr 2009

Kindley ive had a go at what you said & i get these details on the disc:

4.09 GB used space
file system UDF
so do i take it this tells me its a FAKE.?

  Si_L 21:56 04 Apr 2009

Checking how many items they have sold and their feedback is research you should be doing BEFORE you buy from them. I hope you manage to sort it out, but just count yourself lucky it was only a DVD and not something bigger (I remember a while back there were hundreds of "Gibson" guitars on Ebay going for a few hundred), and remember next time to check them out before you agree to buy it.

You may end up wasting a lot of time trying to get your money back. I would inform Ebay and then leave her negative feedback, with only 45 items it will make a nasty dent in her score, hopefully it will be enough to stop people buying from her.

  spuds 11:50 05 Apr 2009

I think that you will perhaps need to look at the persons original description of the item.Some buyers tend to overlook the most obvious!.

If you can prove, without a shadow of doubt, that the item is a fake, or was given misleading information. Then supply eBay/PayPal with the evidence. Over the past year, they have both stepped up the methods on dealing with matters of this kind, and perhaps providing refunds.

You could also check with the product manufacture,explaining your concerns, and perhaps asking as to their methods of testing for fakes.There might be a case of infringement of copyright or whatever, and they could be only to pleased to receive some feedback!.

Doe's the seller have a 'no longer registered' tag on her user-name. If so, then eBay might be taking direct action!.

  kindly 17:41 05 Apr 2009

It looks that way perpetual motion, If you want to see for yourself, put a legal disc in and do the same check. You will see a big difference. Go back to ebay and make it clear but dont be threatning, that you will bring it to authorities attension. Just because they sell a lot of things does not give them the right to miss one or two things. What was the sellers name on ebay. i think I will have a look to see if they are still selling things.

  perpetual motion 18:27 05 Apr 2009

kindley try this:

click here=*jtkt*&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true

if that dont then look for the username under


  perpetual motion 18:28 05 Apr 2009

PS use this ebay page too look the username up:

click here

  spuds 19:23 05 Apr 2009

Having just checked the user-name you have given and the various feedbacks to that person, I could be wrong, but I would perhaps say that the seller is genuine on the amount of positive feedbacks, including the last one. Especially so if you are the 'newbie' person (with an 8 feedback rating) who as given the seller a negative feedback, in which the seller as replied.

If I am wrong, then I apologies.

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