Ebay buyer i need advice..??

  last starfighter 00:00 25 Jul 2008

hi all six days ago i sold a game via Ebay to some guy who ive had no payment from, Ive emailed him 6 times & only this monring i recived a message from him saying this:

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you the payment of item #1902369****8 has been delayed.
I will make this payment as soon as possible.
Please except my apology about delay.
Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Surjit **** .

Then after i recived his email i called him from the number he's registered with Ebay to found out its a woman answering it & when i asked for him she started to laugh & said ive got the wrong number..?

SO i emailed him back & informed him that tomorrow is the seventh day without payment & only then can i file a complaint about him & ive just received this reply which is bizzare..?

Dear Sir,
Thanks for reply.
Please forward me the postal address for payment
of Item #1902******8
I will send postal order for 8 pounds.
I look forward to hear from you.

Now to me this is bizzare cause he's feedback is 100% but there nearly all the same people & there's so few of them, does this looks like a bit dodgy or is it me...?
Here's the game i sold him..

click here

  GaT7 00:08 25 Jul 2008

Doesn't look dodgy to me so far. You've had very polite responses, & he's offering to pay for it. Provide your address to him & give him the chance to do so. G

  roythedude 02:17 25 Jul 2008

He doesn't sound like a dodgy nigarian scammer, more like a dude with money issues. He seems geuine so give him a little more time to pay with paypal, if he still doesn't pay up then report his ass to ebay.

  GRIDD 05:54 25 Jul 2008

If he sends you a cheque for £500 and asks for the £492 to be returned he's a scammer, lol.

Other than that he seems to be a bit of a noob with English not as a first language, and don't forget he can 'neg' you and you cannot him....

Patience to see if he sends payment is what you need.

  spuds 08:50 25 Jul 2008

Don't you think that you are making a lot of fuss of/about a £5.00 + £3.00 p/p item. I use eBay daily (in fact I am using it now,in between PCA sessions), and normally I do not get at all that very concerned until at least 10/14 days have past, especially on small priced items (Doesn't eBay/PayPal mention something about waiting, before a dispute is registered!). Holidays, illness, persons location,work patterns all have to be considered when transacting a deal. But in this case, it looks like a slight financial hiccup, which could be a fault via the buyer or perhaps PayPal (not unknown- possible verification!). I have experienced this on a number of occasions, and the problem as eventually sorted itself out.

It appears that seller is keen in completing the transaction, hence a promise of a postal order for secured and guaranteed payment.So I would suggest that you give the buyer a little bit more time, and see if an £8.00 postal order arrives, assuming of course, that the buyer as your full postal address details.

  johnem 08:53 25 Jul 2008

At least he has answered yuor e-mails.

Give him the benefit of the doubt, sometimes ebay buyers are a bit slow in parting with their money.

At the end of the day, you still have the goods and if worst comes to it, you can possibly offer is at a second change to the next highest bidder.

  last starfighter 11:12 25 Jul 2008

spuds" i am not making fuss about nothing i DONT want to loose the 100% feedback ive got by getting messed about by people like this & then giving them a neutral feedback for him to do the same over £8... i wanted paying & this guy's messed me about this is the 7th day now & he's had my address two days ago when i asked Ebay to forwards hiw contact number on to me so "WHY" is he asking again..? & why didnt he inform me before bidding if i would be ok with a CHQ/postal order..
Also not forgetting he's new to Ebay & the number he's left as contact isnt his!!
Also he's feedback is by almost the same person..?
I would rather just cancel the whole thing & keep the bloody game

All the rest who's replied MANY THANKX FOR YOU TIME!!!!

  spuds 12:26 25 Jul 2008

You appear to have missed the points that I was making, or perhaps you haven't read correctly the information what I was providing.Ebay works in such a way, that imho you were not allowing the transaction sufficient time for completion. You did ask for advice in your title, and I have complied, perhaps and apparently not to your satisfaction.

With regards to feedback, this as all changed recently, the buyer as the option of leaving a negative feedback to the seller,The seller doe's not, unless they provide a positive with a possible bad comment (!), and by sending emails and making telephone calls (within 7 days of auction) isn't going to fair well with a buyer. If you required payment within 7 days or less, then you should have made this very clear in the auction statement. I and no doubt other experienced eBayers could write volumes about the workings of Ebay and PayPal, some good and some bad.

Regarding "the number he left, isn't his" could be for a variety of reasons,which both you and I do not know, (perhaps students accommodation, only as a mobile!) and one as to why he is unable to 'verify' his PayPal account, and possibly not make a direct PayPal payment to you.

Checking the persons feedback ratings, it appears that he as received a 100% rating. 6 from a person with 1428 feedbacks, 2 from a person with 28 feedbacks, 3 from a person with 4345 feedbacks, 1 from a person with 18 feedbacks, which imho doesn't show that the buyer is under suspicion. With regards to possible 'multi' feedbacks from the same person, this can be explained very simply. Your buyer may have purchased more than one item from that particular seller. Same seller feedbacks in the same counting period may not count, otherwise your buyer may have had a larger and perhaps more convincing feedback rating.I personally have had 14 feedbacks within 8 days from one seller, all because I wanted to purchase more than one item. I would point out, in that case I only gained 1 feedback score, out of a possible 14, because the purchases were made in a given time period.That transaction didn't throw suspicion on my account rating, which is 100% for many hundreds of deals.

I have tried to advice as to the possible problem, and at the end of the day you and everyone as to have some knowledge on how eBay works, and make allowances for that perhaps!.

Apologies for the long posting, but I think passing on the above, was possibly required.

  nosharpe 12:38 25 Jul 2008

You can never be too cautious when dealing on eBay. There are too many brightsparks out there wanting to scam you.
I had my account compromised and I hardly ever purchase on eBay.

I would also not accept a postal order and you are nuts giving someone your address.
Paypal is by far the safest and secure way to deal on eBay. I would not compromise this regardless of the amount.

  GRIDD 13:14 25 Jul 2008

You are a scare monger.

Your address is revealed to the buyer, and his to you anyway, whether you tell them it personally or not. In this instance perhaps the buyer did not know how to obtain the address through his "my ebay" page.

A postal order is as secure as it gets. Much safer than a cheque or paypal IMO. It's guaranteed not to bounce or be taken off you once you've cashed it.

  GaT7 15:04 25 Jul 2008

My goodness - did some of you have to go into so much detail for this!

Anyway, saves us the time, effort & frustration if another similar thread is posted - just post a link of this thread there ;-). G

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