Ebay - Bogus Buyer...?

  AlanHo 14:02 15 Jun 2009

I advertised a digital camera on Ebay on a "Buy it Now" basis - expecting it to be sold to someone in the UK. My advert quoted a cost of £55 plus postal charges of just £7 for UK delivery but did not mention postage costs for sending abroad.

However - a person in the USA purchased it who joined Ebay that day and has no feedback history. I Emailed him to advise that I was not prepared to send the goods unless it was by a tracked and signed for delivery and that I required full payment via PayPal before despatch. I quoted him £45 for delivery on top of the £55 cost of the camera expecting him to decline. However, he Emailed me to accept the total cost and asked me to despatch the camera to one of his relations in Africa as a gift. He said he would send the money within the hour.

I immediately Emailed him to advise him that I was NOT prepared to send the goods to Africa and that he must NOT send any money.

An hour later I received an Email - supposedly from PayPal - that they had received the funds and would transfer them to my account once they received proof of postage. The return address on this Email is [email protected] dot com - no mention of PayPal in the address and there is a spelling error in the text that makes me suspicious.

I have looked again at my Ebay record and note that the buyer is no longer registered and that he bought 7 cameras yesterday from 7 different sellers.

Am I right to be somewhat suspicious - I have a feeling that he has either not send money and the PayPal Email is bogus - or if he has sent funds to payPal he will deny receipt of goods and claim back from PayPal.

I have attempted to phone PayPal but got totally frustrated by the security procedure to get put through to a human. It did not recognise my home phone number or credit card details even though they are correct.

I have however managed to send an Email to EBay about the saga and am keeping my fingers crossed that I am not soon the victim of negative feedback.

  Si_L 14:26 15 Jun 2009

He didn't ask you to send it to Nigeria by any chance did he?

  AlanHo 14:37 15 Jun 2009

Yes - how on earth did you guess.

I imagine the address in Lagos is the same one from where I received an Email last week stating they would like to transfer several billion dollars to my account from a banker's estate who died in a tragic accident with a sharp pencil.

  The Kestrel 14:39 15 Jun 2009

This is a classic example someone trying to obtain goods without paying. Whatever you do, do not send the camera anywhere, even the USA until paypal officially confirms the money is your account. You should also check your account to confirm that the money has arrived there.

  AlanHo 14:52 15 Jun 2009

You are quite right.

A friend once sent an item abroad after receiving the funds into his PayPal account - but the buyer denied receiving them. The Post office were unable to provide proof of delivery - even though he had paid for the signed-for service.

After much argy bargy - PayPal refunded the buyers money and debited my friends account - so he lost out badly. Whether the buyer actually received the goods - or not - we will never know. Hence my careful approach.

  Si_L 15:01 15 Jun 2009

Don't send anything to him, its a scam.

  user8 15:02 15 Jun 2009

Except it as a rip off & report it to ebay.

  AlanHo 15:18 15 Jun 2009

I forwarded the PayPal Email to [email protected]. Within minutes they replied that it was a scam they were already aware of.

And here was me looking forward to getting fifty quid for a Panasonic FX7 camera in sparkling condition. I will now have to start advertising on EBay all over again - but this time will make it clear I am not prepared to sell overseas.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:50 15 Jun 2009

'asked me to despatch the camera to one of his relations in Africa as a gift. He said he would send the money within the hour'...you need to ask?


  rickf 20:05 15 Jun 2009

This is a well known so called Nigerian Scam.

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