eBay Billing

  Curio 18:27 07 Apr 2005

Received an email from 'eBay Billing Department' this afternoon asking me to update my billing records. As I have never bought anything on the eBay site, it strikes me as a suspicious message. Have deleted it without response, but am passing it on as it could be another scam to get Bank details etc

  originalmiscellany 18:35 07 Apr 2005

if you're in doubt, forward the email to
Scam@ebay.com where you'll get a quick reply confirming whether or not it's a genuine email.

  Curio 18:45 07 Apr 2005

Original message sent to eBay. Awaiting response

  Jdoki 09:29 08 Apr 2005

Slightly off topic, but if you are using Firefox you can download an extension called Spoofstick which reports whether the URL you are visiting is genuine or not...

For example if you had clicked the link in your email by mistake, Spoofstick would show the domain you are visiting such as click here - if it's a spoof the address would appear as an IP address or something different.

It's not foolproof but does offer some protection.

Also, if you download the eBay search bar it also has a feature on there to show if you are on a genuine eBay site.

  Al94 09:48 08 Apr 2005

The correct email address is spoof@ebay.co.uk. Here is a quote from ebay website
Beware of impostor emails and Web sites:

Be cautious of emails that ask you to submit personal information such as your credit card number or your eBay password. Some members have reported attempts to gain access to their personal information through email solicitations that are made to appear as having come from eBay. These solicitations will often contain links to Web pages that will request that you sign-in and submit information. At eBay, we identify these as 'spoof' (also known as “phishing”) emails or Web sites. Again, eBay employees will never ask you for your password.
If you receive or suspect you have received such an email, do not respond to it or click the links. Immediately send a copy of it to spoof@ebay.co.uk.
To be sure that you are signing into a genuine eBay Web site, look at the Address/Location field of your browser. At an eBay sign-in or log-in page, the URL (link) that appears in the Address/Location field of your browser should begin with click here as shown in the following illustration.

  Curio 18:52 08 Apr 2005

a Phishing expedition. Passed on to scams@fraudwatch International as I could not raise eBay

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