EBay to ban negative seller views

  flounders 18:09 05 Feb 2008

I thought this was the whole point of been able to see who's worthy & genuine.? i am not sure this is a good move as been a regular on Ebay i make sure i view there "Feedback" first & i dare say its saved me some hassle in the past

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  lisa02 18:26 05 Feb 2008

You miss understand.

They are stopping sellers from leaving negative feedback for buyers. I think it is wrong to do it...

I have had buyers who where a right pain, one in particular did not update his address and I subsequently sent it to the wrong address, it said "verified" on both Paypal and eBay. I then reposted it to his right address at my expense.

Another who I sold a mobile to accused me of selling her a stolen phone. She said she'd posted it back and demanded an immediate refund. The phone was legit and she never posted it. She hoped I'd be daft enough to refund her immediately.

These two sales have put me off selling on ebay and that the feedback system is going to be soo unfair towards sellers I'm definately not going to be selling again.

  Diemmess 18:26 05 Feb 2008

Heartily agree.
I haven't had trouble buying or selling over about 35 deals, but when I trawl through negative feedback on various deals by other people, it is difficult enough to find a baddie.
Usually eBay manages to force a draw, even though I get the feeling that the cop-out was in the original small print and weasel words.

  lisa02 18:48 05 Feb 2008

This is seriously wrong. I have had 2 occasions where buyers where pretty bad and had I not had the option for negative feedback I'd have had no retribution.

One chap didn't have his address updated on ebay and paypal, it was classed as "verified" so I went ahead and posted the item. I was then bombarded with emails from his for this and I then had to pay to re post it to him when it was returned to me.

Another one I sold a phone to accused me of selling stolen goods. They then stated they'd posted it back and demanded I refund immediately without delay.

I did no such thing and then a few days later they admitted in email that it hadn't been posted back. I guess they where hoping I'd refund and they'd get their money back and keep the phone.

Those two incidents and this new move by eBay has put me off selling again on their site.

  realist 18:56 05 Feb 2008

Good this change makes sense.

Sellers should give good feedback for a buyer as soon as they are paid, but this rarely happens.

Sellers hold back until they're sure they have a positive rating from the buyer, and that's not fair.

  lisa02 19:03 05 Feb 2008

Yes realist but it doesn't excuse buyers who jump in head first and tarnish a seller's record before giving them a chance to rectify the problem.

  lisa02 19:07 05 Feb 2008

IMO just paying quickly is not enough for the seller to leave feedback. The transaction is not over until the buyer's happy with the goods.

I always add to the bottom of the invoice...

If there's an issue with the goods please contact me via email and I'll do my best to solve it. Once I know you're happy with the goods I'll leave you relevant feedback.

  realist 19:25 05 Feb 2008

No, the buyer has fulfilled their contract by paying, it's then up to the seller to complete the transaction to the buyer's satisfaction.

  realist 19:25 05 Feb 2008

No, the buyer has fulfilled their contract by paying, it's then up to the seller to complete the transaction to the buyer's satisfaction.

  al7478 20:34 05 Feb 2008

i think its a stupid decision, but i agree with realist that the buyer has fulfilled their part of the bargain by paying promptly. Obviously, if there's a problem after that, they should approach the seller rather than immediately leave bad feedback, but thats a slightly diferent issue.

what this does, of course, is create a "nevermind the buyer as long as we get our commission" vibe, and for that ebay should be ashamed.

  lofty29 22:03 05 Feb 2008

complete two way feedback should be maintained, however it is wrong for sellers to make good feedback to the buyer conditional upon good feedback being left for them, after all feedback can always be added to

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