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  zincy 17:50 18 Mar 2006

Hello there!

I am thinking of selling my phone on ebay. I have never sold anything on ebay before so I would like some advice on how to sell it?For example is any particular day good to start/end the acution? What pitfalls i need to be aware of? I am only accepting bids from UK and people will 0 feedback will not be accepted unless they contact me first. So how do i cancel someones bid if they from outside UK or 0 feedback?Can i onyl cancel one bid AFTER the auction or cna i do it during the auction?As i know some people sue fake accounts to push up others prices so they can sell theirs...

  Totally-braindead 18:00 18 Mar 2006

I'm on Ebay and have to be honest with you and say I don't know about the zero feedback. Also considering you will have zero feedback, do you not think its a bit much to put that on anyway?

That aside, I prefer to sell with the item ending on Sundays because more people are free. Or if that isn't suitable for you, at least end it in the evenings. If you put something on ending at 3 o clock in the morning you will obviously get less bids. I time mine to finish about 7, 8, 9PM ish sort of thing.

Make sure you include a photo of the item and don't send the item until you get the money, I rather foolishly sent an item as soon as I got the cheque and when it didn't clear I was left out of pocket.

And lastly rather stating the obvious here, most people on Ebay are honest but some will rip you off if given the chance so use your head and think sensibly.If something looks too good to be true it probably is.

Happy selling.

  spuds 19:16 18 Mar 2006

What Totally-braindead states, is good advice. In my books a photograph of the actual item is essential,showing warts and all. Do not describe something and get carried away. Make the information relevant and concise to the product only.

Evenings (5/11pm) and weekends are the best times, with a five day listing at least. Keep your postage and packing rate acceptable, and check with the post office the rate for postage ( surprising how this can catch people out).Always make sure that you have a record from the post office, proving the item was dispatched. If sending by registered mail, add the cost to your charges (always offer registered insurance on high value goods).

Regarding the buyers feedback, I always say that you have to start somewhere, and a zero rating is not always a guarantee. If you do a few checks, like seeing if the buyer is selling something, and when they obtained registration, this can provide some guidances.Never cut an auction short, let it run its course (unless you are forced to withhold the sale, by some unforeseen act).

Try to get payment via PayPal or Nochex, Cash on collection, or cheque with restrictions regarding encashment before you will send anything. If you ask for cash on collection, do not provide any address to a 'contact sellers' email, only provide this to the actual buyer after the winning bid.

If you suspect that someone is bumping up your price, then remember that the winning bidder as a legal contract with you, to pay for the item. If they do not pay, then eBay provide dispute procedures (?). And never threaten to give a negative feedback, They can do the same to you, and if you have a small feedback, even one negative can look very poor on your record.

Hope the above helps, and its the sort of information that you were seeking.

  Totally-braindead 19:26 18 Mar 2006

Regarding the negative feedback thing I have 2 negatives on my 100+ feedback, both from people who bought items from me, one from a person who couldn't be contacted and eventually said they had ran out of cheques when I gave them negative feedback and that they had told me this, not true and another from an idiot who also refused to respond to emails and never sent the money.

  zincy 19:49 18 Mar 2006

thanks for the tips!
I will take up your advice on that, I do have feedback just this my first time selling..so i just want to make sure i am doing the right thing
thanks again

  SG Atlantis® 20:02 18 Mar 2006

click here

I had a tonne of trouble selling mine!
click here

I won't take bids from 0 feedback members as a rule, I state it at the bottom of the listing and warn I will report NPBs (non paying bidders) and leave them negative feedback.

If you go into my ebay, selling preferences you can select not to accept bids from overseas, from people with no CC on file etc etc

  zincy 12:36 19 Mar 2006

SG Atlantis
yes thats what I was refering to. I dont want genuine bidders being put off. I managed to tick off overseas bidders but how did u get bids with 0 feedback tick off? i only manage to get ones with minus ticked?
thanks for the adivce

  SG Atlantis® 13:03 19 Mar 2006

I just put on my listing:

"Due to increased non paying bidders and scammers:

No members with 0 feedback, only members GOOD positive feedback scores.
I reserve the right to cancel any bids without prior notice.
I expect payment within 3 days of auction ending or notice that you are posting payment.
NPBs will be reported and negative feedback left.

Please feel free to ask any questions."

I started adding the above comment after the trouble flogging the mobile. Since then all my auctions have been successful; ending with good prices.

I did cancel bids on people, namely new members that were a couple of days old and zero feedback.

  SG Atlantis® 13:08 19 Mar 2006

Be accurate when stating postage!

Tell them when you will post, ie after you have CLEARED payment and how long it will take.

The more straight forward information you put accross the better.

  pj123 17:09 19 Mar 2006

So I open an Ebay account today, which means I have zero feedback. Are you saying you won't sell to me? How do I build up a good feedback then?

  zincy 17:15 19 Mar 2006

good advice i will put my item up later this evening!
pj123 - If you have 0 feedback i would say you have to contact me before bidding to make sure its genuine...As i been watching the phones for sale for past weeks and seen some silly prices with the winning bid at 0! and the item being relisted

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