Les 19:08 09 Feb 2004

The other day I entered a bid for an Excel 2000 program - it was immediately outbid. After several more bids - so quick were the other bids that suspicion was aroused. Today, I had a notification that I had been outbid again, a different pseudonym this time. Once again I replied with another bid, but, before this had been accepted the bid was again raised. My suspicion now that something odd is happening has prompted me to forget it - there was far too small a gap between my bid and the resulting counter bid! I have no intention of finding out if I am right or wrong so it looks as though I continue with XL97! Is it possible for someone to lay in a raft of bids where the next bid is sent automatically when the previous one is exceeded? I do hope that I'm wrong in my suspicion of the EBay bidding!

Anyone had a similar experience?


  Les 19:12 09 Feb 2004

Sorry I didn't see the other link re EBay until I had posted.


  SGT [email protected] 19:19 09 Feb 2004


its called proxy bidding .

if i bid on say a tv , and i bid £200.00 the highest bid on screen could be £5.00 for that tv but then you go and bid £20.00 i will automatically outbid you because i have already bid £200.00 , not until you bid £201.00 will you start winning the bid


  accord 20:52 09 Feb 2004

SGT [email protected]

Thanks for clarifying that, i wondered that myself.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:37 09 Feb 2004

It also happens in 'real life' auctions.


  Les 22:25 09 Feb 2004

Thanks fellas! I thought that I was getting a bit paranoid! Youv'e explained it nicely. Suspicion dispelled!

Other Post? About Ebay in General by Michelle.

Thanks again


  ddd3 23:37 09 Feb 2004

I don't know quite why, because it defies all logic, but the best time to bid seems to be as close as possible to the closing date.

I don't know if my experience is just coincidental, but I've noticed that if I put in my high bid with say 5 days to go, someone will usually top it. If I simply watch the bidding and post my best offer with 30 seconds to go, they won't. So either I have met with a lot of coincidence, or some people bluff by not putting in their top bid.

Want to know what I find really perplexing? Well I'm telling you anyway. People who bid on an item when the 'Buy it now' price has been reached. I've seen items where the opening bid and the buy it now price were the SAME, and if you used buy it now postage was free! That means it was cheaper to buy the item instantly, but someone had still bid on it...

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