Easy to re-fill printer cartridges? What printer?

  Jon-Dalton 12:15 30 Oct 2008

Can anyone recommend me a good stand-alone consumables-cheap injet printer?

Wanting to buy a new injet printer soon; want to get one that has easy to refill cartridges that are transparent so the ink level can be monitored.

Problems in the past - pc based 'ink level monitoring' software refuses to work after an existing cartridge has been reomoved from the printer, refilled, and put back. The cartridge then runs dry mid print job and is difficult to get to work again reliably after refilling.

A CISS system is an excellent idea but my printing needs are not that great.

Typically a 3 colour and b&w injet that can have it's cartridges refilled say three times before discarding would be fine. And transparent cartridges so that ink levels can effectively and simply monitored.

Thanks anyone!

  pj123 12:57 30 Oct 2008

Refill ink cartridges, not a good idea. Too messy. I gave up that idea years ago due to permanently coloured fingers.

Much easier and just as cheap to use compatible cartridges.

You say: "A CISS system is an excellent idea but my printing needs are not that great."

That sounds to me like you are not using your printer enough which could be the problem.

I have 3 Epson printers, all fitted with a CIS system but I always run a print test at least once a week just to keep them working properly.

  Jon-Dalton 14:36 30 Oct 2008

Thanks pj123

I print out a test sheet in all colours and black about every week to hopefully stop the nozzles drying out, but still occansionally get problems.

With the CISS sytem, don't the cartridge heads eventually wear out?

  Pamy 15:10 30 Oct 2008

Epsom printer nozles are built into the printer. The cartridges are just containers, I have not seen any clear cartridges and you would not be able to see them once installed anyway, you would have to keep removing them to check levels Infrequent use causes ink to dry out.

  BT 16:42 30 Oct 2008

I have an Epson D92 which uses the 711-715 set of cartridges. I use Inkrite compatibles from Choice at £1.99 each. These do have a transparent side so that you can see the amount of ink. They also have much more ink in them than original Epsons.
They all have 11ml of ink. I've never had any problems with them and the printer reports them as being original Epsons. At £1.99 each its hardly worth the bother of refilling.

  Jon-Dalton 18:46 30 Oct 2008

At £1.99 for 11ml of ink it's certainly not refilling. I've looked at the Choice site and the prices are good.

Pammy - how does the printer let you know that it's running low on ink?

  lofty29 19:39 30 Oct 2008

I have a brother dcp-115c, all-in-one, uses ink tanks costing about £1.85 each, a bit slow when using for photoglossy but good results.

  BT 07:54 31 Oct 2008

All Epsons (and probably other makes too) have a Status Monitor which loads from the CD which comes with the drivers, which allows you to do printer maintenance and part of it shows the Ink Levels in each cartridge, and warns you when the levels are getting low.

  Jon-Dalton 09:11 31 Oct 2008

Thanks to all, I disn't realise consumables for some printers are cheap compared to others.

  Pamy 11:14 31 Oct 2008

Jon-Dalton,I do not know how it works, but you have to use a two way cable I think. You can also get a program that does it also, but i think it is realy based on an estimate of the ink used somehow. Others will probably explain better if you realy are that interested

  pj123 15:23 31 Oct 2008

Have to add that all my printers have been modified so that the waste ink comes out of the back of the printer into plastic containers. This stops the waste ink pads from becoming clogged up, which will eventually stop the printer from working.

One more tip from an Epson engineer. DO NOT SWITCH THE PRINTER OFF. This stops it from initiallising every time you need to use it, which wastes a lot of ink.

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