easy online payment questions regarding amazon and third parties.. can anyone help

  theDarkness 18:30 15 Oct 2012

This could probably more suited to another forum section, but Ive had an order with amazon in which a third party seller from the 1st of this month has had its status frozen as 'preparing for dispatch'. No emails back from the seller regarding the status. They have a very small amount of sales (under 10 on my last check) but all 100% positive. I received an email from amazon - 'they have not confirmed the shipment of your order, and we are not able to provide you with shipment details yet. Because of this, your credit card has not been charged.'

I emailed amazon asking if that last sentence suggested that payment had been completely cancelled, even if the order had not. If asked if I could still be auto charged in future (eg after the last delivery estimate date-in a couple of days time)... or if this would not happen, if I would have full control from then on to arrange a new payment. I also asked them if the estimated delivery date would simply be automatically extended, and what to do if I never hear from them again (no doubt amazon would have to cancel it for me themselves).

amazon were quick in responding:- 'your payment card will be charged once the seller has confirmed that they have dispatched your order. You’ll see the transaction recorded on your bank statement'

Absolutely useless information that I already know, telling me that if this does not solve my query, I need to call them. Premium rate or close no doubt-money grabbers, lol. Can anyone help and be a little clearer in regards to my order? I will not call amazon. I better not have to call to cancel. LOL. Thanks for any help if anyone can

  mole1944 04:18 16 Oct 2012

Try Amazons 0800 number hard to find on the web site so here it is for all of you 0800 496 1081 and if you a Virgin media internet customer for a service update 0800 561 0061.

  theDarkness 22:09 16 Oct 2012

ill try that first number if I dont hear any word and am unable to cancel. as for my queries in the second paragraph above, freephone or not, if the email I received recently is an indication of their knowledge of their own services, I dont hold up much hope of getting any clear answers, lol

thanks :)

  Forum Editor 11:51 17 Oct 2012

"This could probably more suited to another forum section"

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  theDarkness 13:47 17 Oct 2012

thanks. I now wonder if theres a 'trick' to amazon-I cancel it, but they take the money-most likely not. I sent them an email, no reply. Perhaps they just cant be bothered to reply and have been waiting all this time for me to click that cancel button, but if that was true, why would they set the order to 'preparing for dispatch' indefinitely. That way, according to amazon, they have full control, but I dont see how if the money has still not been taken

  Taff™ 10:02 18 Oct 2012

It is very easy to contact Amazon. You simply log in to your account, Select Help on the top horizontal menu and then the Contact Us Icon on the far right column. Simply fill in the form selecting that outstanding order as the reason for help and select telephone at the end. You then put in your phone number and they phone you immediately or in 5 minutes.

If you just want to cancel this order go to Your Account, select Your Orders and under available actions click on Cancel this order. From memory, you might be able to Contact The Seller which will be by e-mail through Amazon and logged by them.

  theDarkness 11:29 18 Oct 2012

thanks for the contact info on amazon phoning back, hopefully I wont need to use it in future. I didnt think my query was a difficult one to answer via any email. my query to amazon was more out of interest, whether I could be charged in future, after the amazon email of 'seller has not confirmed shipment, your credit card have not been charged' with my order status frozen on 'dispatching soon'. The email was not clear as to whether I could still be charged in future, or if I would have to re-arrange payment. I just needed a YES or NO to these queries, and obviously didnt get it the first time via email.

So I would get a far clearer answer on the phone directly rather than via email? Im sure thats very true, for the obvious reason being that Im one on one with my questions with the same staff member, rather than having to accept any lazy or quickly typed up very general excuse for an answer from a random one of variable quality,that I cannot reply directly back to,lol.

I decided to email them again yesterday with the same question, and finally got a much better member of staff! The same query, and the answer was YES, I could still be charged, but if the seller had still not made a move after 30 days of placing the order, even frozen on 'dispatching soon', it should automatically be cancelled. If I just kept the order hanging on and the seller eventually set its status to dispatched and/or charged me, and I did not receive the item, as per usual I would have to file a claim to get the money back. I would also have to file a claim to cancel if I wished to do so before the end of the month (since my order was placed on the 1st).

eventually.. :)

  HondaMan 11:33 18 Oct 2012

You simply cancel the order with Amazon and that's an end to it, PROVIDED that is the item has not shipped.

  theDarkness 18:35 18 Oct 2012

I knew that already-its cancelled now of course, it wasnt an order of such large cost to be worried too much about, I just wanted to know if the seller still had the power of charging me after such an amazon email and its status. thanks anyway

  theDarkness 18:50 18 Oct 2012

hondaman >> please ignore the 'i knew that already' first line-I didnt mean to sound harsh, lol ;) yes, you've essentially summed it up, but amazon was not clear as to whether the seller could charge me in future. My amazon email told me the payment was cancelled, but it was not clear what exactly that meant. If the seller could still change the order status to dispatched, and charge me in future, that email should have at least had 'at this current time.. you have not been charged', with information on the seller still being able to charge in future for the same item. I havent sold on amazon before, so I dont know how it works 100%, and how easy it is for sellers to change order status and receive payment yet again if a payment was attempted in the past, but not accepted due to non confirmed shipment. thanks

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