Easily confuse P C World staff !!!

  russmini 22:29 05 May 2005

Went to PC World tonight to have a look at some mice, need a new one, so went to have a play and feel !!

Anyway noticed 100 off CD-R disks in their latest exam offers leaflet with 25% off, so £13.49, mmmmm not a bad buy, might get some while i am here, carried on walking round store and noticed if you bought said disks for £17.99 you can buy 50off slim jewel cases for half price, = £6.49.

But nowhere did it say you could not use the two offers together, so picked both up and went to the till........

Begin Confused staff, cause (obviously) not on their computer, but after a little... Well it says it there mate, oh must be the computer, so eventually walked out saving £10.99 !!!

I am not malicious but at least i've finally got one back over them for all the other times i've had to be stung by them !!!

  Pooke100 23:03 05 May 2005

I was in PCW today and I was looking at mouse mats, went to PCW cause it was closest. The mat was £5 more expensive, could get it cheaper else where. They wouldn't price match, said they weren't interested in low value price matching. I left and went to the other shop and so PCW lost out on a sale!

  [email protected]@ 23:51 05 May 2005

"but at least i've finally got one back over them for all the other times i've had to be stung by them !!! "

It usually works the other way round for me,the price at the till is often much less than the ticket price.Must be a computer thing.

  TomJerry 12:42 06 May 2005

get an optical mouse, it will save you a lot of trouble

  Pooke100 13:21 06 May 2005

TomJerry, I have an optical mouse. Needed a mouse mat with a gel wrist rest thing.

  Kate B 15:35 06 May 2005

You need a mousemat with an optical rodent if you have a clear glass desk as I do! And the wrist-rest is quite a good idea, too.

  SGT [email protected] 17:26 06 May 2005

my Logitech MX LASER works on glass

  [email protected]@ 18:04 06 May 2005

Logitech MX Laser - is it any good for gaming,I have been dithering about getting one of these,would you recommend them ?

  SGT [email protected] 18:09 06 May 2005

its the dogs , fast as.... , faster than my mx 700 , 60 quid though.

  [email protected]@ 18:11 06 May 2005

Thanks for that SGT [email protected], you have made my mind up for me.:o)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:57 06 May 2005

This is supposed to be the best gaming mouse click here

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