EaseUS backup – take care.

  Housten 16:42 05 Mar 2012

Good afternoon,

[ Forth attempt at posting this afternoon. Others have done, so does anyone know what is going wrong with the PCA website, or is it just this forum? ]

I am posting this more as a comment than as a question, and – I admit – a biased observation. No doubt some will contest my statements, and that is what I think this forum is about, and why I have posted here and not in Helproom

Some may remember that I have been trying to find backup software that would do a backup in fairly short order, and I was trying to find the reasons for the difference in size between two other programmes. Well I was using them alternatively and then read the reviews on the new EaseUS Todo Backup Free 4.0, and was quite impressed. So over the weekend I have given it a try. I tried it once and was quite shocked with the results, so I made certain that I had made the right choices and tried again – and they were the same. All I am looking for is a programme that will back up what I want, when I want and to where I want it to be as quickly as possible. I don’t think this is too much, but apparently it is.

EaseUS seemed to do that and when I worked out its speed it’s not as fast as the other programmes I have, which is not what I want nor what I was expecting. There is just one – or some might say two problems, but they are connected, which is why I say one – very major problem. The partition I wanted backed up was my ‘C:\’ partition and the EaseUS programme reported it as being 49.75 GB. The two back ups it reported - in times - were 67 minutes 54 seconds and 67 minutes 14 seconds, and the sizes were 94,299,936 KB - 89.93 GB - and 93,963,796 KB - 89.61 GB - respectively. So the backup is - almost - twice the size of the partition being backed up! OK, I did ask for no compression and high priority, but why should that double the size?

Just in case you think I am being too hard on EaseUS I should point out that I then ran the other two programmes and their results were 22 minutes 25 seconds for 37,416,953 KB - 35.68 GB - and 26 minutes 55 seconds for 51,598,302 KB – 49.21 GB. I will be going for the second of these as it is taking only slightly longer and – or so it would appear to me – it does backup the whole of the partition that I want. Anything I want backed up – and when – is my decision, not any programme’s, so I would say you should be careful of EaseUS, unless you have unlimited time and space for your backups.

  john bunyan 17:18 05 Mar 2012

Housten. If you want speedy back up, I can only reccomend that you consider having all your system and programme files on the C: drive and have another, Data, partition with all (or most) self generated data. I do this, and used more or less the old XP filing system but on W7 - ie I created a master folder: My Documents, then sub folders like Word Doc, Music, Pictures etc etc, all with their sub folders in turn with their sub folders. I included Outlook in this. After a virus and malware scan I make daily Mirror copies with either Synch Toy or Freefilesynch of this "My Documents" master folder - very quick as it only alters changed files. I make the mirror or echo copy to a second drive in a removable caddy. For System, about the same size as yours, I acually use ATI. I do a verified image about once a week, on to a external HD and a clone about once a month of the whole disc to yet another caddy mounted HD. The images take about 40 mis but also another 30 for verification. I only use Easus for Partition management so cannot comment on its back up performance.

The data is the thing that changes most frequently and the method above is quick indeed;only a couple of minutes.

  Forum Editor 18:10 05 Mar 2012

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  Forum Editor 19:00 05 Mar 2012

Softpedia gives this software a 5 star 'Excellent' Editor's review rating, and a five star user rating, based on 91 user reviews.

CNET also gives it a five star Editor's rating.

We reviewed an earlier version in 2009 and gave it a largely favourable review. We published a review of version 4.0 in 2011 and said:

"It’s all straightforward to use and works admirably. There are some gripes though – although it’s possible to back up certain email-based files using the file types option, we’d prefer a more explicit email backup option along with selected program settings and – for the geeks among us – Registry settings too."

  birdface 21:36 05 Mar 2012

This one is free from 12 0'clock tonight and does an automatic back up every day.

I must admit I have never used it so cannot comment but I believe it is over £30 to buy.


  Aitchbee 09:31 06 Mar 2012

buteman - thanks for the freebie link.

  Terry Brown 13:16 06 Mar 2012

I find the biggest part of any backup is the Documents folder.

To protect that from your operating system, where most nasties attack, do the following.

Create a folder on another drive, where you want your documents to be stored.

From desktop right click on 'My documents' and select Properties.You will given the option to change the location of this folder, select browse and navigate to the folder you have created and select Move. All your document files will be transferred to the new localation as will any new document files.These files will still be accessed as normal from the desktop, but stored in the new location.

You can (if you wish) make a copy of that new folder elsewhere for additional safety.

If you use that option that easies way to keep your second copy updated is to use Briefcase .Right click on a folder and select New, Briefcase.


  Housten 12:59 11 Mar 2012

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

First of all many thanks for all your posts. Can I just say before I carry on that all I was 'complaining/moaning/ranting' about was the length of time that the programme took to do a backup. I am in the process of getting myself organised and will note all the comments about doing that, but this wasn't what my post was really about. If anyone thought that it was, I offer my most profuse apologies for writing in such a way that you could be led into making that conclusion.

Prior to my original post I sent a long and detailed email to EaseUS - I knew that as a 'Free' user that I was not entitled to any help [ something with which I disagree, but that's another argument entirely ] and did not expect any reply. But get one I did, and it was quite helpful, pointing me to where I could get the manual. So I downloaded it, and had a good read. I realised that I may - and I emphasize that, may - not have installed it the way they were stating it should be. I then uninstalled it - using Revo uninstaller - and then re-installed it, and the 'weirdness', as I call it, began, and this has been the cause of my not replying before this.

After the re-installation I decided to do a backup but made the 'destination' my partition 'D:\' as it is part of my hard drive and I have understood that internal hard drives are faster than those I have been using, USB external drives. After this I was slightly shocked and so, immediately, made another and changed the destination to my external USB drive. I waited another couple of days, did another and then switched on my computer this morning and have done another, and with the consistency I have had I must withdraw my remarks about the length of time taken by the programme to do backups. The first one to 'D:\' took just under 24 minutes, and the next to the USB drive took just over 28 minutes!! This morning's took 26 minutes 13 seconds to do 50,213,012 KB which is a speed of 31,933 KB/sec. I have no explanation of why the programme is so much faster than before. I acknowledge that it may well have something to do with the [ different??? ] re-installation, although I do not think there was any difference, but can not swear to that. What I find just as weird is that with the same instructions, it is as if the programme is getting faster on its own accord, and I have absolutely no knowledge of how or why this should be happening, but all I can say I am quite glad that it is. I should also make it clear that I run the programme with nothing else running apart from 'Solitaire', which I use to whils away the time and I have set the priority - wasted probably - to the 'highest'.

So I must apologise for wasting all your time, but all I will say in my defence that with the manual not being included with the download, and no comments from EaseUS to say to install a particular way that I do not consider myself wholly to blame. As the programme has the options of incremental, differential and clone backups [ although I will never use clone backup ] I will continue to use this programme and would suggest that anyone else looking for a free backup programme should give this a trial, after all you don't have much, if anything, to lose by doing so.

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