E-Buyer Alright

  Yorkie_Dave 09:58 13 Feb 2003

Rome was not bulid in a day, and I've come to know that lots of buyers are liars...

After placing a order last week with EBuyer and then by chance reading about some of the plus's & minus's on this web site, I was a bit worried about my small order (big to me) Yes there was a long wait on the phone, and there was trouble getting intouch with them... But the order came and was alright...

I would shop with them again...

  Coaster3 10:23 13 Feb 2003

Here, here.

  Elrond 10:58 13 Feb 2003

No probs with e-buyer here. I've ordered a few things with no probs.

  Dekay 01:43 15 Feb 2003

No probs here. Have used loads of times with no probs. Cheap to.

  tbh72 02:07 15 Feb 2003

I've only used them once, the service was great as was the speed of delivery. I will be using them again.

  RomQ 12:03 15 Feb 2003

I've never used Ebuyer so I can't comment on them. But speaking of retailers in general, I've found that by far the large majority of complaints about any company stem not from the efficiency or speed of the purchase itself but from problems involving refunds or aftersales service when something goes wrong.

As I said, that's certainly not a comment on Ebuyer specifically but just an observation on retailers in general.

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:18 15 Feb 2003

Had a problem with some cables from ebuyer (wrong sort sent) they were returned with minimal fuss, but never got a response via their enotes system.

As RomQ says, its returns that nearly always seem to be the problem - or more communication when things go wrong, its nearly always non-existant.

  Beas-Knees 12:46 15 Feb 2003

Its all very well people ordering items from places and then praising them just because it arrives on time.I spent over £1000 with e.buyer last year without any problems until just before x.mas when they sent me a different motherboard to the one i had ordered,It took over a month to sort it out with me in the meantime having to get the correct one from a different supplier and incurring another lot of postage charges,Like others have said it's not until you encounter a problem that the true level of service and backup comes to light.

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