e-Booker Nightmare

  durga 18:59 20 Oct 2006

Anybody had anything like this happen with ebookers?
I booked a pair of flights on ebookers web-site with my credit card.
Then when my statement turns up a week ago, not only have they debited the full cost of the two tickets and charges themselves, but somehow, they have managed to have the airline also debit my card at the same time twice more - one for one ticket.
I have ben on the phone to them numerous times - always the same - no explanation of how this has happened, just 'send us a copy of the statement by e-mail'. I have sent this in three times but no response to any of the e-mails. Promises that never materialise, not even acknowledgement of e-mails.
Any ideas how to sort this out?

  Jackcoms 19:14 20 Oct 2006

Speak to your credit card company, pronto.

You have booked 2 tickets and been charged for 4.

Thus, you have unauthorised transactions on your card.

  jimv7 19:51 20 Oct 2006

A friend had this happen to him, he clicked the page twice and doubled his order.

got his refunded ok.

  durga 20:47 20 Oct 2006

I hope that i'm as lucky. The weird thing is I could understand duplicated entries, but in my case I have 3 transactions; the first is to E-BOOKERS for the full amount- no problem. However, it's then followed by 2 identical payments, to the actual airline involved, and each is for the actual ticket cost (original total minus the service charge/booking fee divided in two)- something which should NEVER have come out of my account. This is what makes it so hard to understand (and to explain)

  spuds 22:11 20 Oct 2006

Get in touch with the credit card company urgently, especially as you suggest that communications with eBooker are not going to plan.

Normally, when overcharging occurs on the same transaction and invoice statement, that is usually down to human error by possibly clicking the mouse button twice. In this case it looks like something very different, which the credit card company should be informed about, and advice sought.

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