e book readers again

  john bunyan 17:29 17 Dec 2010

I have been looking at e book readers, and the Kindle looked good, as does the new Sony 6" reader.The problem with the Kindle, it seems to me, is that you are hooked to Amazon as a book supplier, whereas I tend to use Waterstones. The Sony will read most ebook formats and .pdf.It is not wi fi.I am inclined towards the Sony ( Iknow it is dearer) as I want flexibilty of sourcing. Is there a legal way to buy Amazon e Books for the Sony? I believe there is a Kindle App for the iPad or iTouch? Alternatively if I buy the Kindle, can I buy from sources ither than Amazon, such as Waterstones?

  john bunyan 17:30 17 Dec 2010

ither = other!

  acfc 17:40 17 Dec 2010

I was concerned about being tied to Amazon prior to buying my Kindle so did a bit of research as to what was available and of course at what price.

I was happy with the selection of both paid for and free books and bought a Kindle for my wife and very soon after bought a second for myself with absolutely no regrets ~ best value for money on my opinion

Check out their library and see if it meets your needs ~ and of course you can also read PDFs on the Kindle as well

  john bunyan 17:53 17 Dec 2010

I am sure it is good, but I still would like to buy from others if possible.Is there a way round this - for example, an iPod can play both iTunes M4P and MP3.

  morddwyd 20:08 17 Dec 2010

There is a conversion programme available.

I converted my wife's Sony Bookreader books to Kindle format.

Do a forum search, it's in a recent Kindle thread, started by the FE I think.

I think it's called Calibre.

  tullie 20:09 17 Dec 2010

You can install Calibre E Book Management,which can convert your files to Kindle.

  john bunyan 21:19 17 Dec 2010

Thanks - I will have a look.Is there a programme that does the reverse - ie convert Kindle books to (Ithink) ePUB ?

  john bunyan 21:20 17 Dec 2010

I will study Calire further - it seems to "Like" Sony.

  john bunyan 21:31 17 Dec 2010

Having had a quick look at Calibre, it looks as if it will be OK. Also I understand Amazon have a free App for a PC such that you can buy kindle books without buying a Kindle, so I will probably go for the Sony soon. Will mark as resolved. Thanks again, and Happy Christmas.

  Woolwell 22:53 17 Dec 2010

There may be drm issues with Kindle to Sony. I have Sony and am quite happy with it. I use W H Smith, Waterstones, ibooks and Random House.

  morddwyd 08:45 18 Dec 2010

I had a Sony and changed to Kindle.

It's very much a personal thing.

Try to get some hands on before you decide!

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