Dymo what a wonderful company

  howard64 09:42 01 Apr 2011

I had a Dymo EL60 label printer which I have had for more years than I care to remember. I had problems with it and used the Dymo help page to ask for help getting it going again. To my surprise a few days later I got a phone call from them to talk me through a few things. A week later I received an email asking if all was now ok. I replied that although it now fed the labels through it did not print them. A few days later there was another phone call and an offer to look at it with a freepost label. Off it went and to my real surprise on Monday this week the post delivered a parcel which contained a brand new Dymo Labelwriter 400. I cannot quite believe it especially as I have not paid for an extended warranty. Thank you very much Dymo.

  anchor 09:58 01 Apr 2011

Excellent service; would that others would be so helpful.

  wiz-king 11:22 01 Apr 2011

I had 12 EL60 printers and they have all died due to over use. I am not going to moan about that as we print lots of labels - far more than the average user.
What I will moan about is the newer models don't support printing from Word. We store all our labels as Word documents and print as required. So now I have had to change to another make of small label printer. Dymo did not seem interested when I complained.

  howard64 11:41 01 Apr 2011

well wiz-king reading the bumf on the box "automatically prints addresses from your software such as word etc." so it should be able to.

  wiz-king 12:22 01 Apr 2011

Yes it will print from Word but only on Dymo sized labels - they wont fit on my bottles! In the last software the custom label size was removed so you have to use their labels and cant use pre-printed special size labels. I used to print 500,000 labels a year on our Dymo's but had to change when they brought out the 400.

  howard64 12:26 01 Apr 2011

oh I see what you mean wiz-king must be a large operation for 500000 labels a year? I might do up to 100 a year.

  KremmenUK 12:34 01 Apr 2011

... but on the other hand.........

I had a Dymo LetraTag Mk1. After a fairly short time, but out of warranty, the screen matrix started failing.

They're response was that it had a design fault and basically - tough luck.

I needed a labeller so reluctantly bought a Mk2 which is far better.

  wiz-king 13:29 01 Apr 2011

I have one printer that has done 3.7 million labels @ 26 x 35mm and 2.6 million bar-code labels on 35 x 35mm size in the last 8 years, it has just gone in for a new print head as one dot has gone. New print head ~£125, and just in case I have also bought a new printer £780 click here
that should keep me going for another few years.

PS Their comment thats it's a desk top printer should also say it needs a strong desk!

  [email protected] 00:17 02 Apr 2011

My guess would be that Dymo probably make most of their money from the sale of the actual labels rather than the machine itself, so they've probably removed the custom label feature for this reason. Would explain why your complaint fell on deaf ears - they knew they would make very little money from you!

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