DX9 & 10 in xp

  m0ng00se132 16:02 23 Aug 2007

im purchasing a new pc for gaming and i would like to know if the DX10 card specific features can be used in XP, ie in LOST PLANET could i use the newly added graphics features? because xp is supposedly better for games im not going to get vista.....

  citadel 17:52 23 Aug 2007

dx10 is for vista. A dx10 card will work in xp but will only use dx9.

  m0ng00se132 18:02 23 Aug 2007

thank ye

  Mr Beeline 23:37 24 Aug 2007

Maybe worth mentioning that the next crop of graphics cards are only just round the corner (November looks likely) and these will support the latest up and coming version of DX 10 (IE. DX 10.1). While the current DX10 capable cards from Nvidia and ATI run well in Windows XP and DX9 (very well in fact ... I've just bought an 8800 GTS in fact) they don't run DX10 games that well, not like there are many around of course. For example... just you try seeing the differences between DX9/10 in Bioshock! I bet a lot of people could not tell the difference. Probably wont be any games that "really" take advantage of DX10 for a while yet. Only my opinion of course.

  m0ng00se132 09:54 25 Aug 2007

at least the current highend graphics cards will come down in price,
so i might finally be able to but an 8800 :D

  Mr Beeline 21:44 28 Aug 2007

Hello again

The 8800's have dropped a fair bit in price recently. The 8800 gts 320MB version can be had for around £170 now. In my opinion, they wont drop that much more before the next gen cards come out. Even then, the first few cards out the door will be the very top end ones (always are), which are most likely to depress the value of the 8800 gtx / ultra cards. I suppose there will be a knock on effect and you might see £15/20 coming off the Price of a 8800 gts but I don't see the price dropping much below £150. And soon after this, they to get replaced and it all starts again! You've got to laugh really.

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