DVD+RWs. A problem with using some of them.

  Ancient Learner 16:16 04 Jul 2005

My Sony DVD writer usually works fine with Nero, and the Sony and Memorex DVD+RWs that I have used so far have been no problem. Neither have I had any problems with the DVD+Rs that I have used.

I needed some more DVD+RWs, and found a cheap spindle of 25 at Amazon, (£11.06). Perhaps they were too cheap!

Nero says that it is formatting and then writing to them, but in the end there is nothing there.

Nero recognises them and describes them as being empty with correct description.

However, and this seems weird to me, 'My Computer' appears to say that they are CDs, in that it calls the drive a CD drive, and it says 'Error' when I double click the drive.

When I try to use Nero to format them (InCD), it starts off, takes ages, says it's finished, and then the drive continues to flicker for, well I get fed up after 10 minutes, and closing down Nero crashes it! Nero's 'erase' gives me an error display.

None of all this nonsense happens with the other DVD+RWs that I have still a few of.

Does any of this ring any bells with anyone, or have I just been unlucky and these particular DVDs are not compatible with my drive. After all, Imation is usually reliable, and all my CDs, are theirs. I'm all set to send 'em back to Amazon, but I'm just checking here first.

  bigray 08:10 05 Jul 2005

I have had a batch of faulty discs that I once bought from a pc show but had no problem returning them, have you tried one on someone elses pc, to see if they work, if not then could be faulty, you could then tell Amazon they would not work, hope you sort it,

  Jdoki 09:06 05 Jul 2005

Have you tried a Google search to check if there are any known incompatibilities?

If you could let us know the brand/model of disk someone might be able to help.

Also, you may want to try click here they are pretty cheap and also give info on compatibility.

  Ancient Learner 10:24 05 Jul 2005

Sorry.I should have been clearer. The DVDs are Imation DVD+RW 4X.

  Ancient Learner 10:27 05 Jul 2005

Your link tells me it is a test page and Please ignore! :))

  Sans le Sou 11:37 05 Jul 2005

Can you use them in Nero as writing a data disc, not quite as versatile but saves sending them back.

  Jdoki 11:59 05 Jul 2005

Strange that the blankdiscshop address has stopped working... they appear to be using their trading name now, try...

click here

Seems to work...

  Ancient Learner 15:26 05 Jul 2005

That's what I am trying to do, and failing.

Jdoki. Thank you, that works fine.

  Sans le Sou 20:57 07 Jul 2005

Sorry thought it was InCD that was the problem.

  Ancient Learner 21:15 07 Jul 2005

I've got it fixed, at least I think so.

I got some different DVD+RWs, Sony, and the same things happened, or rather didn't happen to them.

I've been on to Mesh, on their Support web link, and eventually their suggestion of a delete of some stuff on the Registry worked for the Sony, but not the Imation.

The Imation have been returned.

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