DVD+R Blanks Recommendation

  Border View 23:24 08 Nov 2008

Can anyone recommend a good/reliable make and asupplier of blank DVD+R discs.

Your comments would be appreciated.

  rdave13 23:35 08 Nov 2008

For some strange reason always gone for the -R DVD blank discs.
I know a lot of forum members will disagree that the life time of the discs I buy won't be half as good as the more expensive branded names but have some as old and recorded in 2002 and still are readable. TDK fod DVD and MAXELL for CR-R.
Kept well away from sunlight or even artificial light should last years.
Backup on to USB Drives though.

  rdave13 23:39 08 Nov 2008

Erratums, 'for' instead of 'fod' and CD-R instead of CR-R.
Oh for editing facilities......sigh!

  Border View 23:44 08 Nov 2008

My Acer supports DVD+R Double Layer/DVD+ or - DVD RW

The only ones I have used so far (10) are Panasonic DVD+R 16x blanks. No problem with them but wondered what else might be good to use.

  rdave13 23:51 08 Nov 2008

Have a look at Amazon's lists of Verbatim discs.
Seems that a lot of forum members recommend them.
click here

  ICF 07:33 09 Nov 2008

I have always used Ridisc or Ritek

  Border View 11:14 09 Nov 2008

Many thanks everyone. I've gone for the Verbatim at play.com

  Stuartli 12:06 09 Nov 2008

If you go to 7DayShop.com, you can buy Imation and Infiniti blank media at very competitive prices, knowing that they are rebadged Taiyo Yuden media, perhaps the best in the world...:-)

Buy enough to warrant the delivery charge (no VAT up to £18 worth of orders).

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