DVD Region+CSS Free Lite

  chocolate cake 22:13 11 Jan 2007

Sometime ago I used up all my lives on the windows DVD region thingy and it's now stuck on region 1 after my nieces asked to watch 'Nemo', which I had bought from a Canadian site, whilst they were going to sleep.

Has anybody used this programme or can recommend any others to show them another film when they come to stay in a few weeks time?

  mymate 22:41 11 Jan 2007

Dvd genie is free .Some one else asked the same question a few days back and "woodchip" gave a good answer .
I have dvd region free,but you have to pay for that ,but Dvd genie does the same.

  mymate 22:44 11 Jan 2007

Just re- read your post .
DVD Region+CSS Free Lite ,i cant make out what you want ? doesnt DVD Region+CSS Free Lite let you play any region dvd,with out taking your "life"

  chocolate cake 23:04 11 Jan 2007

You can't remember what forum or title the thread was posted under can you mymate.

I can't understand why MS have to put a limit on the darn region whatsamajig anyway. Just provides an opportunity to clutter your system with more programmes. Why give everyone so much unnecessary grief.

  mike1967 09:37 12 Jan 2007

Any DVD does what you require but it isn't free
click here

  €dstowe 10:48 12 Jan 2007

Before you pay out ££££ or $$$$ for region busting software, consider buying a low cost DVD ROM (if you have room to fit it) to use for region 2 DVDs. You may find it cheaper.

  FatboySlim71 11:11 12 Jan 2007

I agree with mike1967. If you use Anydvd and have selected you default region as region 2, it will basically make any disk thats inserted in the drive appear as that region, eg if you put a region 1 dvd in the drive, Anydvd will make it appear as region 2. I think Anydvd was about around $40 ish when I purchased it.

  mymate 18:33 12 Jan 2007

chocolate cake.Some times i dont even know what day it is !

  chocolate cake 21:03 12 Jan 2007

Thanks folks. I'll have to think of options.

Mymate - it's friday and crackerjack finished about ten years ago. Thanks anyway.

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