DVD recorders what are twin tuners?

  fullyfitted 21:09 29 Aug 2006

I recently bought, from ARGOS, a Panasonic DMR-EH50 D V D recorder and had great difficulty in getting it to recognise any digital channels. I was advised through the Digital world forum that I would need a digital decoder.
I followed the advice and although I can record digital it is a fiddly process to ensure the decoder is set to the right channel.

I have now found the advert that prompted me to buy this model and it states “with twin tuners” In my innocence or ignorance I assumed this meant an analogue and a digital.
Before I start asking questions at Argos can any one advise me if I was right in this assumption or have I gone off half cock (again).

Any other pointers as to what I should be asking ARGOS would be appreciated.
Many thanks


  fullyfitted 21:15 29 Aug 2006

Just found a bit in the Argos catalogue

"Twin tuners allow users to watch one channel whilst recording another or record two channels at the same time"
but do I still need a decoder?

  bruno 21:58 29 Aug 2006

You are correct in the second post.These twin tuner recorders work like the Sky Plus box.They are more sophisticated than the single tuner ones and can usually do play and pause as well.Half the battle with these machines is setting them up in the first place so that your various bits are talking to each other.Start at the beginning of the instruction book and work carefully through it.They can be confusing if you are not used to them.That model will be fitted with a decoder if I am not mistaken.

  bruno 22:12 29 Aug 2006

click here
I found this review which gives a lot of information about your machine.

  fullyfitted 23:04 29 Aug 2006

thanks for the information and link.

Tomorrow I will lock away the falling down water and take it one page at a time,again, but the manual is a nightmare and jumps about from topic to topic without any laymans explanation of the terms used,

watch this space,

thanks again


  freaky 09:41 30 Aug 2006

I also have a Panasonic DMR-EH50 with 80GB Hard Drive, and it works fine. Did not have to buy a decoder to go with it.

My setup is as follows:-

a)Sony 32" Digital TV
b)NTL Digital Top Box and cable TV
c)Sony VHS Recorder
f)Sony DVD Player with amplifier and 5-point Dolby surround sound speakers.

I tried installing the DVD Recorder myself, but in the end paid an engineer £25 to do it.

He integrated it all so that the Sony DVD player and Amplifier can be used in conjunction with the DVD Recorder...enabling the surround sound for use with Dolby DVD's. And can also copy VHS tapes to DVD.

The Handbook is comprehensive but complex, and takes a while to be able to use all the functions.

Suggest you have a TV engineer to check it all out, especially your Scart connections.

  bruno 21:57 31 Aug 2006

I was a t/v engineer in a former life and it took me a while to suss it out and my wife will not go near it.I bought a Panasonic in the first place as I am a fan of theirs',but it did not work properly and the shop messed me around.I got my money back and bought a Samsung elsewhere,that works fine,but I would not say it is consumer friendly.

  fullyfitted 23:40 31 Aug 2006

Thanks to everyone for their input and suggestions, I will tackle the beast this weekend (again) and I am also awaiting advice and comments from Argos re their definition of "twin tuners"


  Fellsider 20:24 02 Sep 2006

The reason that you didn't need a decoder is because you have one - the NTL box.

The DVD recorder will only record what is input, it has two tuners to enable recording of two different programs or recording one while watching another.

There are recorders which include Digital tuners but obviously they are more expensive.

  rick90 23:14 02 Sep 2006

being thick,but do you need a seperate dvd player as well as a recorder,or can you record then play on same machine ???.

  freaky 10:58 03 Sep 2006

A DVD Recorder will play and record DVD's, therefore you do not need a separate DVD player.

In my post of Wed 30/08/06 @9:41 - you will note that in my setup there is a Sony DVD player. This is probably why you raised your query!

The Panasonic DMR-EH50 DVD Recorder was bought to replace the Sony DVD player. The Sony player incorporated an Amplifier, therefore the engineer who installed everything decided to keep it in the configuration in order to utiliser the Amplifier. Also, if the Panasonic should go kaput, I can still use the old Sony DVD player.

As regards your " or can you record then play on same machine ???. If the DVD Recorder has a Hard Drive, then you can play a DVD and record another program both at the same time.

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