DVD Recorders and VCR

  Curio 15:06 16 Jun 2004

I think I can pose this question as DVD recorders were reviewed in June Issue PCA. I have a defective VCR in that the Record Side no longer works. I intend to replace it with a DVD Recorder. My question is:If I connect the DVD to the TV via Scart lead, can I still connect the VCR to another Scart socket without there being a conflict between the two for tuning to the TV Channels etc. I wish to keep the VCR for playback of Grand-children's Videos?

  david4637 17:22 16 Jun 2004

Just connected a DVD player to second scart on TV and it works OK. David

  Curio 18:21 16 Jun 2004

Already have DVD player and VCR connected.DVD player will go, DVD Recorder to take its place.

  siouxah1 19:05 16 Jun 2004

An alternative method.

Plug your DVD player scart out into DVD Recorder SCART in. Plug your dvd recorder scart out into TV SCART.

Assuming you have sufficient SCART sockets on rear of TV. If not purchase a switching adaptor for the TVG Scart in.

I have DVD player to DVD Recorder to AV Amp

Plus Sky box and VCR to AV amp to TV.

No problems.

  Curio 19:17 16 Jun 2004

siouxah 1.
Many thanks for that. Thought there was an answer and you provided it.

  SEASHANTY 19:54 16 Jun 2004

The "What Video" Guide for connecting up various TV VCR Satellite equipment
click here
You may find that using a three way scart switching box will prove a better arrangement. Similar to this one
click here
This same box as illustrated here is in the Littlewoods Index catalogue at less than £9-50.

  Curio 20:43 16 Jun 2004

Thanks for the links. Another way round the problem.

  Sans le Sou 21:20 16 Jun 2004

Should not be a problem, I have a VCR,DVD and PS2 all connected along with a freeview box. You just allocate a channel for each device, AV2 AV3 etc. with the channels on the remote. 2 scarts on the back and the 3 phonos on the front. Depends on your television set of course, and the premise that you will not need all in use at the same time.

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