DVD ram discs

  wallbash 21:41 10 Nov 2004

Have today just ordered my dvd recorder. My question is in regard of the dvd ram discs. Should I buy a number of single sided ones or a fewer number of double sided in 'caddies' . Are the protected ! discs just for the clumsey , or is there a real reason to protect them.

Sites to buy from would be very helpful


  TomJerry 22:33 10 Nov 2004

make sure your recorder work with ram disc


  wallbash 22:40 10 Nov 2004

DVD is a Panasonic DMRE55EBS and takes DVD ram. DVD r etc

quote 'protected ones only work for special driver'

More things to confuse a simple mind , please explain. I thought protected only meant better case!

  Mikè 23:01 10 Nov 2004

The "protected" ram dvd's are in a case a bit like a floppy disk with a sliding cover. no better quality just protection from scratches ect.

This is a good supplier for optical media generally. click here

  wallbash 23:12 10 Nov 2004

Thanks to both of you

  SEASHANTY 15:17 11 Nov 2004

DVD-RAM discs are available in packs of 5 from Argos. Price £14-99 per pack. They seem to sell out very quickly. My local Argos store in the town hasn't had any for ages but I obtained a couple of packs from the ARGOS EXTRA store recently built on a nearby retail park. Also available online
click here or from the Panasonic

  SEASHANTY 19:53 11 Nov 2004

Note that only the non-caddy RAM discs will work with the LG DVD writers for PC. You can remove these discs from the caddy but there isn't much point as the non caddy RAM discs are cheaper. £20 for a ten
pack of 4.7GB non caddy RAM discs on Panaasonic website when they have them in stock plus standard
postage of £2-98. Post free if order over £25.
click here

  SEASHANTY 20:01 11 Nov 2004

Don't buy Panasonic Mirror 4.7GB DVD-R discs for the Panasonic recorder. I have a pack of 25 of these and
only one has worked out of the five tried. Verbatim
discs work OK either 2x or 4x and so do the Ritek 4x
discs using the G04 dye. The latter I normally obtain from Blankdiscshop. Many others are probably suitable but these are the ones I stick with. If its
something I wish to last then I use Verbatim because
the quality is better but the prices tend to be higher.

  wallbash 20:51 11 Nov 2004

Thanks for the warning, would have bought Panasonic discs for a Panasonic recorder !!

Seashanty can I ask, which dvd machine you have

(not that I can / or would want to cancel my order, roll on Next thurs)

  fred 21:29 11 Nov 2004

I've got six panasonic discs for a panasonic and no probs at all

  SEASHANTY 21:50 11 Nov 2004

Nothing wrong with Panasonic DVD-RAM discs. I use them all the time. The discs I find useless are the "MIRROR PLATINUM 4.7GB DVD-R " discs. These were advertised as Panasonic Mirror DVD-R discs. I purchased a pack of 25 from Maplin some time ago and they will NOT work in my Panasonic DMR-E85 recorder.
Nor will they work in my Panasonic DMR-E60 recorder.
I haven't bothered to try them in my JVC DRM10
recorder. They may work in the LG GSA4040 DVD
writer when I get around to fitting it in one of my PC's but I don't really need this DVD writer. I
purchased this because it's compatible with DVD-RAM.
No need to worry wallbash - it is DVD-R discs with the brand name "MIRROR" which I have stated are not
working with my Panasonic DVD recorders.

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