DVD Hard Drive Recorder...Best Discs ?

  Giantsquid 08:26 26 Apr 2005

Hi All,
Went out and bought a Light-on DVD Hard Drive Recorder (5045 model) last week and it's been great so far.
I recorded a film on high quality on Sat and it was very good quality when played back, now I would like to burn it to disc, is it right that it will only fit 4.7 GB on a disc ? does that mean it will need 2 disc to record the film ? or is there another 'new' sort of disc that will allow just one disc to be used ? and because I have to burn a lot of family film onto disc what are the best discs for this important (to our family) task, thanks for any help,


  Sans le Sou 09:16 26 Apr 2005

If your recorder is dual layer and you have the software that supports dual layer burning then you should be able to get it on one disc without compression, if however it is only a single layer burner or you do not want the expense of a dual layer disc then you can compress your files to a single disc. However if the original film is copyrighted the act of getting round the protection is illegal. There is software to SHRINK your DVD and remove the protection, but I cannot tell you about it here.

  Sans le Sou 09:19 26 Apr 2005

...I always use Verbatim disks, but others will recommend their own pet brands.

  Hamish 09:19 26 Apr 2005

I have also recently bought a liteon 5045 and have not tried to copy onto a dvd but according to the instructions of page 36 of the manual it seems easy. It may depend on how long the film on the hard drive is as on page 46 a dvd can record up to 6 hours depending on the mode, i.e. LP. S.P etc.

I also received a list of recommended discs with the instruction manual.

Hope this helps but will be watching your posting for any other tips,

  Sans le Sou 09:26 26 Apr 2005

Sorry got muddled, this is a recorder direct from the telly so to speak. I think you can fit films on a standard disk by using "long play" mode, there are a lot of people on this forum that use these and may be better at answering your question.

  Giantsquid 09:39 26 Apr 2005

Sans le sou and Hamish.
The orignal film was on telly, Harrison Ford film, Raiders of the lost Arc, so don't know if it is copyrighted as such.

As regards dual layer, how do we find that out ? on page 46 of the instructions it says that it is:
able to burn H Quality for 1 hr
Sp 2 hr
LP 3 hr
EP 4 hr
SLP 6 hr
and Just fit is Variable.
So not sure as yet if it is capable of dual layer ? maybe you can help me out
Many thanks,

click here

  Giantsquid 09:46 26 Apr 2005

Does the recorded image not go down the pan a bit if you record at say SP or EP ?


  Rigga 09:50 26 Apr 2005

If you use the JustFit method to record your film to the DVD Disc, the recorder will adjust the quality to fit the film exactly on the disc, and given that ROTLA is not a three hour film, then the quality should be fine.

Best advice is to try it and see.


  Hamish 09:51 26 Apr 2005

Try any disc in your recorder, maybe the one that can free with the machine. Do not worry about dual layer but try to copy and see what happens. Dvds are cheap now so do not worry about waste. Do not buy too many discs at a time if using other than the recommended until you try them and see if they work, I do not think a film on the television will be copywrite as one could make a copy without any trouble to VCR.

Your link did not work for me.

Please post your results if you try to copy

  Giantsquid 10:09 26 Apr 2005


Sorry Hamish link works fine for me on here it is to details of the 5045.

I will give it a go with some discs I got at Aldi the other day DVD+RW at 4.7GB did not cost much !
Tell you what Hamish, after getting shut of the VCR because the flippin thing would never record what I wanted (my fault) this peice of kit has been a godsend, not had a bit of trouble as yet.
Because I have loads of family films to copy to DVD and after a real struggle to copy from Camcorder to Computer the good folk of PCA put me onto this, I can now link up my Camcorder to the 5045 and stick it on the HD then burn to DVD 'I Hope' !!!
I'll let you know how I get on with the film,


  Giantsquid 12:29 26 Apr 2005

Maybe I spoke too soon ! I am trying to copy the above film to DVD from the Hard drive. When trying to copy the message 'title must be split' appears. I just want to put it on record to fit mode, but it's not allowing me to do this. Is this because the recording in on high quality mode? Can anyone help with this?

I did burn a TV programme onto the rewritable and it did it no problem. The film is 1hr 50 mins long that I'm having problems with.

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