DVD Copyright Notices

  futurist 23:09 18 Nov 2008

Does anyone else get realy annoyed when they put a DVD into the computer and have to wait for ages for a copyright notice to be played to you in every language. If so, does anyone know a way (like a plugin) to allow users to skip into the main title. (The other chpters allways go grey and the skip buttons don;t work).

  curofone 00:05 19 Nov 2008

Just download and use vlc media player, skips all the copyright stuff and goes straight to the main menu

  futurist 00:05 20 Nov 2008

thanks, great player

  curofone 00:38 20 Nov 2008

no problem anytime, it is probably the media player that most of the active memebers of the forum use as it can play just about everything.

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