DVD burning programmes

  ZootHornRollo 13:54 13 Jan 2004

Can anyone recommend a good DVD burning programme. I want to copy DV film from my digital camcorder via PC onto DVD. Pinnacle Instant DVD came bundled with my PC but it is useless (it won’t copy to my DVD Re-writer) and I was looking at getting Easy CD version 6 Basic edition.

Is this any good – can anyone recommend anything else?

  tomleady 14:13 13 Jan 2004

nero 6 has worked ok for me. only used it a couple of times.

the prob with burnin dvd's is that if you mess up (like i do), its such a waste becuase they are still pretty expensive.

  mole44 17:13 13 Jan 2004

i`ve just bought nero6 found it conflicted with my macafee anti virus software swithed that of and presto it was ok,i`m gona take off macafee reinstall it to see if it makes any difference.back to the point nero6 is very vert good i`d recomend it to anyone.

  Hoseman 18:49 13 Jan 2004

Check out this site which has everything you want to know about DVDs. Look at the HOW TO GUIDES section and choose what is relevant to you and it will also give you software options, some of which are free. You can probably find a tutorial for doing it in Instantcopy its that extensive. Not worth buying any software imo.

click here

  colcol 19:50 13 Jan 2004

I have looked at the site using the h-link provided by hoseman. i cant find info on how to tranfer video from my dv camera to a dvd using nero 6. (I have the ultra edition). any help would be appreciated.

  tunneller 21:49 13 Jan 2004

Are you able to get the video into the PC from your DV? I use Pinnacle to capture via a firewire interface - store the video on disk, convert it to mpg and then nwrite it with either Nero 6 or Pinnacle InstantCD/DVD with no probs.
For analogue video I use a Dazzle Fusion (cheap but OK) capture card and Moviestar 5 to do the capture. SuitePinnacle InstantCD/DVD Suite writes it away to CD/DVD for me.

  scotty 08:25 14 Jan 2004

I have seen reports that Pinnacle products have problems on pcs running Roxio direct cd.

I suggest you invest £10 (bargain of the month). click here are selling Pinnacle studio v8 SE and Nero 6 for less than £5 each. Neither are full versions but I am using both for the same purpose as you and they do the job well. I use Studio for capture, editing and creating disc content (not burning because I have Roxio on my pc) then use Nero to burn DVD.

  colcol 09:08 14 Jan 2004

thanks for this info but... i use pinnacle studio 8 and nero 6. I transfer video to studio 8 using firewire and then use make movie to transfer video to a dvd. problem is that dvd rewriter cannot read file format. what format should I use to transfer video from studio 8 to dvd ? MPEG???

  scotty 09:18 14 Jan 2004

When you "make movie" in Studio, do not select the option to burn at once. The files will be saved on your hard drive in a folder called Video_TS. In Nero, add these files to the directory of the same name and then burn the DVD.

  scotty 08:37 15 Jan 2004

Message by e-mail from ZootHornRollo

"Scotty - what sort of file option should I chooose to create this Video_TS file? There are about 5 tabs to select on the Settings menu and various options within those tabs so any help you can give will be really appreciated. Thanks"

I assume you are talking about using Nero 6? First, select the disc type (DVD), then select expert mode (left hand icon of the three large icons at the foot of the window. When you select the video content tab you should see three options, select the create DVD video content option. This brings up a template with Video_TS and Audio_TS directories. Add your files to the Video_TS directory and burn.

Have written this from memory. Please bear this in mind when following the instructions!

  matthew-293741 21:22 15 Jan 2004

Right here you go...if you convert your files to to the video_ts format (.ifo's or nfo's) then i would suggest you download a application called ..."copytodvd" put that into google it will take you where you wanna go....if however your files are .img (image files) ...nero cant deal with these types of file so you will need to get a app called alcohol 120%, this you cannot download...no wait...you can d/l a 30 trial evaluation copy....so you can at least see if you get on with it....if you get dvd files that end in .nrg, that is a file that can ONLY be burnt with Nero...for files such as .pdi you will need to download a app called dvdecrypter...again google....hope this helps a little!!

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