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  freaky 20:36 18 Aug 2005

In the September issue of PCA there was a comparison chart showing the 7 top rated DVD Writers. Prices ranged from £32 to £70 dependent on what software was included.

On this Forum Site there is review of the top DVD Writers, but the quoted prices are almost double those shown in the magazine! Anybody know why this is so ?

  Totally-braindead 21:36 18 Aug 2005

I presume its partly because they haven't updated it yet and perhaps something to do with which writers they were able to get from manufacturers to compare.

  Completealias 00:59 19 Aug 2005

Could be that the drives reviewed were OEM ones and the drives listed on site are boxed retail offerings.

  freaky 15:57 19 Aug 2005

You are both correct.

I went to PCW this morning, and they were selling the LG GSA-4163A for £59.95 including Nero, cables etc. I then bought the LG GSA-4163BA - as reviewed in PCA for £35.99. I presume it was OEM as the plain brown box contained only the drive and an additional silver bezel. Just installed it now and it works a treat.

PCW had craftily kept all the OEM DVD R/RW's on a rack at the very back of the store, I did not know they were there until Security Guard told me!

  freaky 18:54 19 Aug 2005

Yeah, I noticed that......bit misleading for newcomers/visitors to the site !

I wonder if the Forum Editor is aware of this.

  SEASHANTY 15:57 21 Aug 2005

Review of the LG GSA 4163B. This drive is manufactured in collaboration with Hitachi

click here

  freaky 17:56 21 Aug 2005

Many thanks for the link.....excellent report!

Must say that it works extremely quickly, only problem I have is that appears to take more electrical current compared to the CDV Rom Drive that it replaced. Ocasionally on initial bootup, the PSU cuts-out. Have to turn off the power supply from the mains so that the PSU resets, then reboot. May have to install a higher rated PSU. I will make a post on this to the Help Forum for sdvice.

  Pooke 18:45 21 Aug 2005

In the budget notebooks, a Tiny model is still voted in at number 2 in the list!! Giving contact details for tiny, their website and so on.....

PCA what's going on? I think some staff are slacking off somewhere.


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