DVD burner/ripper, what should i use?

  indio1919 11:46 19 Jul 2006

I may be a chump for asking this but here goes,

i have a new Dell Pentium 4 with a dvd rewriter.
Ive really struggled to find a piece of software to enable me to firstly burn stuff onto a blank dvd also to rip a dvd i already own onto my computer then burn it back onto a blank dvd as a back up.

I need something simple and easy to use, any ideas?

  jimmybond 19:49 19 Jul 2006

just wondering, but what exactly is going to happen to your dvd's that would require an, ahem, 'backup'. If you go down this route, then obviously you'll want to be 'backing up' all of your collection?
Assuming you have more than a few, wouldn't it then be cheaper having no backups, and buying a new one off Amazon, in the (extremely) rare case that one fails? Surely you aren't going get many DVD's that, ahem, 'fail and require a backup'

  keef66 10:23 20 Jul 2006

your logic is sound. Me and the kids have had dozens of games on cd and dvd, and it would have been a very wasteful exercise burning a copy of every one. Only one has ever developed a fault; C&C Generals has a crack starting in the centre of the disk (I suspect the dvd case retaining clip is a bit too vicious), but when it stops reading I can buy a replacement, with the Zero hour expansion pack, from Amazon for under a tenner.

  domhay 20:09 25 Sep 2006

Just to return to the original question. What software package would people recommend for burning to DVDs? I know that nero is mentioned above but just looking at the review of Nero 7 Premium on Amazon it gets panned, Easy Media Creator 8 gets very mixed reviews (and 9 has just one positive review). Is there a package that gets consistently good reviews?

  GaT7 20:54 25 Sep 2006

I've got Nero Express 6.6 (upgraded v6 free of cost via download) & never had a problem. The exact ver nos. are upgraded to The cheapest I could find at £1 delivered click here.

Freeware applications you could try click here, click here & click here. And many more commercial & freeware ones click here? (sorted by user rating). G

  Strawballs 09:57 26 Sep 2006

The CD Burner XP Pro that Crossbow7 suggested is a good one and easy to use and despite it's name it does do DVD's infact I have Nero 7 premium and I tend to use the free one more than than I do Nero.

  Oldergit 10:56 26 Sep 2006

What a system.You review a DVD drive and then loose all memory of it.I refer to the review for the LG GSA-H10L DVD drive on page 119 of the Nov.issue.It seems it does not exist on your web site,if it does exist where can I buy it?No major suppliers stock it,LG web site does not mention it.

  Stuartli 11:04 26 Sep 2006


click here

re the LG GSA-H10L

  domhay 15:00 15 Oct 2006

Thanks for the recommendations Crossbow7

  Diodorus Siculus 15:16 15 Oct 2006

DVD Shrink click here for backing up your dvds.

  Totally-braindead 15:22 15 Oct 2006

I would avoid Nero 7 and get Nero 6. There were a lot of problems with 7 and although there are patches to solve the problems there still appear to be some people who have problems with it. Nero 6 on the other hand appears to work well with everyone and as well as that its cheaper than the newer version.

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