DV9646 Web Cam Problems

  Mems 22:28 12 Jan 2008


I've got a bit of a problem with my DV9646 Web cam, It's only worked twice now and it says it can't be used, Wehn useing Quickplay it says it's there but doesn't allow me to view myself, i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? i love the machine it's so nice but with the webcam not working i'm like errrr why. This is my second machine with the same fault. I've spoken to HP and they told me how to fix it and it worked but now it won't work at all. I spoke to HP again and i asked them if they had a problem with this happening and they said yes. So my main question is has anyone had this fault and fixed it or what can i do to fix it?

  dei 80 00:11 13 Jan 2008

hi mate i have just orderd my dv9646em from currys web awaiting for to arrive i had recently brought the dv9605ea but had problems with the dvd playback on that the screen was glitching but had no problems with the webcam on it i hope mine aint like yours when i get it will be very disapointed if is vhad anugh hassel returning my 9605 dont want same with this will let u know mate. also let me knowif u fix.

  garryd 19:26 13 Jan 2008

how ya doing guys! My webcam on my 9646 somtimes plays up if you havent closed the webcam software off properly the last time you had used it ! but if i close the software properly everytime i use it seems to work perfect the next time if you get what i mean! try it i think youll find i am right !?gd

  dei 80 22:04 13 Jan 2008

hi garryd hows things going with the new 9646 better than the 9605 mate lol awaiting for mine to arrive now after returning my 9605 i found any problems on it yet u can advise me about please i found out aswel that the dv9605 did have 2mb cache and dedicated graffics at £699 then when they droped the price to £499 they also droped the spec and its now gone up to £529.

  garryd 22:31 13 Jan 2008

no problems with it mate and dont worry you will be more than pleased!

  Jols 18:04 14 Jan 2008

I just took my dv9605 back today after the dvd playback just showed me lines upon lines upon lines..PC World in Thurrock Essex said its the 4th one they have had back that day and it was only 10am!!!!All with the same problem.I can see you lot discussing the 9646..Does the reader accept the Sony memorystick card reader or something similar?Also i take it the dvd player works ok now?As Currys didnt have any in stock so i couldnt test it.

  garryd 18:10 14 Jan 2008

its a much better laptop mate the dv9646 can do all the things you asked !The dvd player is awsome with none of those poxy lines !

  dei 80 00:51 17 Jan 2008

hi garryd got my dv9646 today when i try and play a dvd on quickplay it says wrong region then sais dvd player region set as region 0 then have the option of changing region do i do this or have u done this as u can only change 5 times any advice please mate or anyone that may read this thanks.

  MCE2K5 00:55 17 Jan 2008

Change it to Region 2.

Then you have 4 left, That is the norm.

  dei 80 01:28 17 Jan 2008

thanks mce2k5 will do so need help on web cam it dosent seem as good on full screen
picture wise as it did on my dv9605 before i took it back with dvd glitching any help on this please anyone the picture seems darker on the 9646 as it did on the 9605.

  MCE2K5 01:31 17 Jan 2008

Can't help with web cam, Never used one.

'garryd' might be able to help, when he comes back.

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