Duron in Athlon clothing

  obbit 17:04 26 Sep 2004

I just looked at the possibility of buying another motherboard, chip kit. I was VERY disapointed to see that AMD are confining the Athlon to 64 bit and pushing a Duron under a new name in the 2600+ guise.

I want the performance of an Athlon for the money not a feeble Duron posing as something it's not.

  Q-Bie 18:32 26 Sep 2004

Eh? The new non 64-bit AMD's are Semprons which are the replacements for the Athlon. I thought their core was based on a "Tweaked" Athlon core?


  obbit 18:39 26 Sep 2004

Take a look at AMD web site, they compare them with the performance of the Duron.

  obbit 18:54 26 Sep 2004

Sorry should have said the performance of Intels Celeron.

  Sion 20:07 26 Sep 2004

Well, there are two semprons, those for socket 754 and one for socket A. The sempron for socket are nothing more than rebranded Athlon XPs. Its the same core.

As for socket 754, this is a Athlon64 without the 64bit extensions, but dont let this put you off. The sempron for socket 754 is still a fast chip in its own right, mainly due to the fact it still retains its hyper transport bus as seen first on the athlon64.

  sctang 04:13 29 Sep 2004

Basically the Socket A 'Semprons' are Thouroughbred Athlon's with a new name.

As for the 754 version, thats just a joke....why would anyone in their right mind pay 10 less for a 32bit only cpu with half the cache....ludicrous

  obbit 14:52 01 Oct 2004

I won't buy a Sempron

  Gaz W 15:08 01 Oct 2004

Nothing wrong with the Socket A Sempron! If you just want a cheap but capable PC the Sempron is a good idea - I've built a couple of PCs for students using Socket A Semprons & they were fine. Better value than the Celeron even if the Celeron is faster (which you can't tell from AMD's site!).

  obbit 15:50 01 Oct 2004

I don't think they are Athlons with a new name. Why do AMD, on their web site, compare them to Celerons.

  sctang 16:13 01 Oct 2004

they are basically 'thoroughbred' athlons renamed to replace durons inorder to provide competition on intel celerons.

yes, theres nothing wrong with semprons, but when you consider that a barton core athlon has double the amount of cache for relatively the same price as a sempron you wonder why anyone would purchase the former.

  sctang 16:14 01 Oct 2004

well.....anyone that knows anything about computers.

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