Durable lettering on keyboard keys

  Brumas 18:02 27 Mar 2007

Can anyone recommend a good quality keyboard (preferably wired) with durable lettering on the keys?
We have bought various makes in the past, and whilst they are very good, the lettering just wears away on the keys. It's okay for my wife, she is Pitman's trained and she doesn't need to look at the keyboard, but me, I have to for each letter!

  €dstowe 18:48 27 Mar 2007

The keyboards on all our studio computers take quite a hammering but I've never known the lettering to come off. Keys have come off and boards have collapsed from overuse but the lettering has remained.

I always use Microsoft keyboards and mice. I'm sure other reasonable quality ones behave in the same way.

  bennyhillslovechild 19:55 27 Mar 2007

I have to agree with €dstowe (I have to look up how to type blimmin' Euro symbol EVERYTIME I want to write your name - mental block!) I use a Microsoft keyboard and live at my desk, and eat 3 meals a day over my keyboard, resulting in the kind of foetid miasma of food and coffee drippings swilling around and over the keys, not unlike the primordial soup that begat life. As I don't want to develop whole new lifeforms and ecosystems in my keyboard (I save that for the fridge), I often have to scrub it down, and use a pan scourer. Despite this cruel treatment, the letters are like new.*

*this could of course be that when typing,my fingers don't actually make any contact with said letters due to the accumulation of grease, caffeine and tobacco residue that protects my keys like Turtle Wax :)

  Brumas 20:23 27 Mar 2007

Looks like I will have to buy microsoft then - I'm pretty sure I have tried all the others!!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:42 27 Mar 2007

all you need to do is copy and paste the members name :)

  bennyhillslovechild 22:00 27 Mar 2007

Arthur Scrimshaw = *Weeps*....why oh why didn't I actually think of that? It would have been sooo much easier. I'm meant to know about computers, therefore I reject your reality and substitute my own! :) Also I do quite like the masochism of have to alt+0128 (see, I remembered it THAT time!) whenever talking to or referring to €dstowe. I live in Europe, I really should learn how to type/print one of the main currency symbols!*

*I'm going to cut and paste in future. :)

  €dstowe 22:06 27 Mar 2007

Alt Gr + 4 will give €. No need for multiple typing on the numeric keypad (don't want to wear the numbers away).

  bennyhillslovechild 22:22 27 Mar 2007

€dstowe - cheers for that! The Alt Gr button in the cleanest on my keyboard, mainly because I've never had occasion to use it! I thought it was just there to make the thing look symmetrical! :)

  wolfie3000 02:28 28 Mar 2007

Most gamers get this problem of letters on keys being wiped off, the w.a.s.d. keys in paticular,

There are various ways to help your keys last longer,

One way is to apply a very thin coating of nail varnish to the keys that are most used,

another tip which applies to gamers more than others is to set the keys in game to different keys on the keyboard,

I.E. the WASD keys can be changed to the arrow keys or if the arrow keys are already in use for the game then reassign the WASD keys to IJKL.

Hope this helps.

  Stuartli 08:18 28 Mar 2007

I've been a touch typist for more than 50 years, have never had more than a basic computer keyboard for at least the last 15 years or so, including my current two-year-old £20 Lidl (rebranded A4Tech) wireless keyboard and mouse, and the letters and symbols have never worn off any of them...:-)

What's more I'm on my system for many hours a day and that involves a lot of typing, so the problem in your case and that of others could be the fact that you may tend to hit the keys harder than a touch typist.

This in turn would cause more friction thus, over time, gradually wearing away the lettering.

  Brumas 12:38 28 Mar 2007

Thanks to each and all,I shall have to either
A) wear gloves or B) suggest to my wife to cut her finger nails ;o)

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