Dual Layer DVDs compatability?

  Matthotshot 12:25 07 Nov 2004

I am wandering how dual layer DVD's will play in a standard DVD player?

Will the dual layer DVD only play in a dual layer writer or will it work with standard DVD drives in a PC and stand only DVD players.

Many thanks if you could help.

  smurfling 13:58 07 Nov 2004

I would think that because nearly all commercially produced dvd's are dual layer that any you make on a pc will play on most other dvd players that are compatible with the type of disc you use

  ste_bla 14:48 07 Nov 2004

most dvd players will play dual layer dvds as most common dvds are dual layer thats why sometimes there is a slight pause when watching movies as it is swithing layer

  TomJerry 19:07 07 Nov 2004

Commericial DVDs are completely different from self made DVDs.

Commericial (mass produced) DVDs are pressed, but self made DVDs are burnt. The production processes are completly different, so burnt DVDs may not work on domestic DVD payers which are designed to play pressed DVDs.

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