The Brigadier 15:31 14 Dec 2008

Some comments in the Sunday Papers that DSG that own Curry's/PC World & The Link are in trouble?
Anyone e;se read about it?

  curofone 15:42 14 Dec 2008

we can hope they are in serious trouble, i can not stand the company, terrible customer services, terrible training given to the staff, a company that just does not care about the customer once they have got your money.

according to there half year figures released last month they have made a loss for the first time in 24 years. They have been losing 10 million a month and there are not many companys that can survive that for a sustained period of time and i can not see sales picking up in the near future.

  sunnystaines 16:16 14 Dec 2008

In our town the large curry store shut down ages ago and the pc world do not have the wide selections as before. Even the small dixons store disappeared.

  dagnammit 16:18 14 Dec 2008

"we can hope they are in serious trouble, i can not stand the company"

What about jobs?

  Diemmess 17:36 14 Dec 2008

I have no love of Dixons as such.

Around 1960 I was sold faulty goods and had a long long trail by snail mail to have it swopped for one that worked.
I vowed I would never again follow their slogan "Drop into Dixons for....."

Friends, letters in papers and magazines, showed that their aggressive marketing included an unwritten rule never to refund.

Experience with PCW has been better, but my luck has avoided the sufferings of others with the black hole of Mastercare or latterly Tech Guys.

In the current climate when electronic gizmos sell at cut throat prices, no retailer can afford to make a slip, and if current sales dive across the planet, it won't be just DSG who find themselves in trouble.

I pop a candle in the window for the health of my favourite retailers!

  canarieslover 17:40 14 Dec 2008

I would not use any of their stores unless they were selling an item I wanted that was not available elsewhere. Having said that I would still not want them to succumb to the credit crunch. When we do work our way back to something near normality we need as many stores to be competing for our custom as we have now. The fewer survivors, the less competition and so prices will soar.

  The Brigadier 17:50 14 Dec 2008

I think this credit crunch is going to tighten after Christmas.
And more companies will go bust.

  curofone 18:17 14 Dec 2008

what about the job? feel the staff that actually care about there jobs and are actually helpful then i am sorry but the vast majority in of there staff have no intrest in the customer, sell products that are unsuitable to people that know no better becuase they get a bonus for it and if the staff actually learnt how to respect customers and give a better service then they might not be in the trouble they are in now. Yes I know the enconmy is messed up at the moment and that is hitting sales badly but come on you do not get the reputation they have with good customer care

  Al94 18:20 14 Dec 2008

In our local PC World today - shelves noticeably empty - I think the writing's on the wall!

  curofone 18:47 14 Dec 2008

Please say it's true, please lord, lol. There is not much in the world that would make me happier at the moment. and yes it is a very boring life i lead lol.

  Al94 20:02 14 Dec 2008

The businesses that have got away with indifferent customer service during "the good times" are very likely to become the first casualities whereas those who worked hard to get it right are survivors. Not hard to spot those who are vulnerable and that doesn't just apply to retailing.

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