Driver Conflict

  Troop Leader 10:01 28 Jan 2003

I have recently gone Broadband, however since doing so I often suffer from my PC freezing, usually between web pages.

I can ony suspect that it has something to do with a Driver Conflict relating to the new drivers installed for the ADSL modem. I have checked for a more upto date driver but am told that I have a more upto date version than I can download.

Can anyone tell me how to check if this is a Driver Conflict or something else.

(System: PIII, 450mhz, 312mb RAM, 6.4GB Hard Disc, Win98, Internet Explorer 6) No doubt have missed something crucial.



  TOPCAT® 11:36 28 Jan 2003

...I suggest you post this in the Helproom. TC.

  STREETWORK 07:44 29 Jan 2003

Check your windows swap file, note you only have 6gb hard drive could be related to this if your hard drive is full. Also your broadband provider should be able to advise you if the problem is with them

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