Downloadable Software Co??

  Col 11:00 03 Feb 2007

Hi there, does anyone know if this Downloadable Software Co that has been sending emails to me for a long time, unrequested I must say, after many months just deleting the emails, I decided to take a look, amongst the vast list of software is Vista Business at $79, my question, is this genuine do you recieve a Microsoft licence number.
Thanks for your time.

  Forum Editor 11:11 03 Feb 2007

and I'll let you know, although my immediate reaction is that you shouldn't touch such software with a ten-foot pole.

  Col 11:23 03 Feb 2007

Hello Editor
Take a look let me know what you think: click here
Again thanks for your time Col

  spuds 11:58 03 Feb 2007

I would suggest that you read the terms,faq the company provides. They do not like Chargebacks, and you must be computer savvy. There also seems to be no address or personal contact other than an email contact point.

Personally, I like the cd and box in my hand,with back-up support, irrespective of the large savings and discounts offered.

  stylehurst 13:26 03 Feb 2007

I would also be very suspicious, when a web site can't spell then my warning bells start to ring.

  €dstowe 15:42 03 Feb 2007

I get hundreds of offers of cheap software every week. It is nearly all caught by my spam trap and disposed of. If Vista for $79 was legitimate then don't you think the whole world would be banging at their cyberspace door gasping for a copy?

  PaulB2005 16:49 03 Feb 2007

From T&C - 2.3. You cannot register the software with the manufacturer and updates are available not for all the products;

From FAQ -

Could you please tell me what should I do in case of unsuccessful software installation or activation?
You have to contact our support team.

Why is the software so inexpensive?
We offer the software for downloading only, it means that you do not receive a fancy package, a printed manual and license that actually aggregate the largest part of the retail price. In this situation we are restricted in selling the products for private purposes only!

Hmmm - sure i've seen these T&Cs before...

  Belatucadrus 17:19 03 Feb 2007

click here Read this, then decide if you want to share your credit card details with these guys.

Prices too good to be true.
No address listed.
Still wishing you a Merry Christmas in February.
One of the most damning and detailed posts on SiteAdvisor I've yet seen.

Think I'll give them a miss.

  Col 22:20 03 Feb 2007

Thanks all for the feedback, I would not be foolish enough to even think of buying from such outfits, but rather to warn others that may be tempted.
Thanks again Col

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