download limits/fair usage and skype

  michael_o 11:15 06 Aug 2006


Can anyone help me with how much internet usage skype uses?

I have pc's wirelessly networked in my house. One person uses Skye - sometimes talking for hours at a time to USA and Europe.

I am concerned as to how much bandwith this uses up. If you talk for say an hour on Skype how much data is uploaded and download?

Many thanks


  Stuartli 11:30 06 Aug 2006

I doubt if it would make all that much difference using Skype bandwidth wise.

Why not download the Tautology Bandwidth Meter free from:

click here

Very small file, very easy to install and gives you full details of bandwidth use currently, daily and monthly.

By the way TalkTalk's Talk3International gives you free phone calls AnyTime in the UK, plus 28 other countries including the States, Australia, Canada, and Europe, plus low rates to other countries..:-)

Plus free broadband although you wouldn't necessarily have to change ISP.

click here

Broadband connection is taking some time at present due to sheer demand, but the phone service switch over is about three weeks.

You now have to ask for the full international version at £9.99 as the £8.99 only includes UK calls.

  anskyber 14:27 06 Aug 2006

Stuartli is very keen on TalkTalk as you can see from his heavy promo. He has had good service from TT but others have not been so lucky. click here as an example of relative performance. Incidentally when I monitored bandwidth usage on Skype I did find that it was reasonably hungry. It all depends on whether you have a high bandwith allowance.

  Stuartli 15:27 06 Aug 2006

Then you were very likely to have been using video as well.

I don't "heavy promo" TalkTalk, merely point out the benefits.

I've had occasional glitches and they are being sorted out at a very high level...:-)

But I consistently get at least 1.7/1.8MB from a 2MB service at present since I switched from a Sagem [email protected] USB modem to an e-Buyer Guru (Safecom) two port combo ADSL2/2+ modem router (£24 and a few pence including delivery):

click here

  Stuartli 15:30 06 Aug 2006

I was already with TalkTalk before the current "free" broadband offer - in the form of One.Tel, which Carphone Warehouse took over last year.

The service from One.Tel was always exemplary and even the switchover was conducted with grace and courtesy by its representative when contacted by phone.

  Rigor mortis 21:42 06 Aug 2006

click here

Your bandwidth could be used because your PC is a node in the network. Must remember to quit Skype after every call.

  Forum Editor 22:30 06 Aug 2006

When Skype is active on your computr you are a node on the network, and bandwidth consumption will result.

When a Skype call is in progress you'll transfer a maximum of 16Kb a second, and often a lot less. The actual amount will depend on various factors, such as prevailing network conditions, and the bandwidth available to the person at the other end.

When no call is in progress you'll still consume bandwidth, but very little - maybe a kilobyte or so a second. This consumption results from the need for your machine to constantly announce its presence to the network, and unless you have hundreds of Skype phones active on your network it can virtually be ignored as far as bandwidth useage is concerned.

  anskyber 22:31 06 Aug 2006

Well concentrating on your question rather than the other uncalled for hype; if you are on say 2 megs per month it does not take much on a network to go through the barrier, if you are on "unlimited" then you will probably be within tolerances. To be honest you have not given enough information for a balanced and reasoned reply. Are you able to help on this? If you test your usage with one of the many bandwidth meters you will see what I mean. It all depends on your allowance and all the other needs such as program updates or other downloading (or plus uploading for some ISPs) that you do. From reading around the subject it does appear that the ISPs come in on their "fair usage" policy at quite a high level. In other words you could be in excess of your allowance even now but still be within the tolerances of the "fair usage" policy.

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