down to two choices!

  willymagic 15:40 25 Aug 2006

hi there,

im looking for some advice, basicaly im just about to buy my first laptop, since i have dealt with dell in the past and they have been pretty good im going to stick with them, im going to buy the Inspirion 6400, take a look here click here

the cheapest deal £498 and seems pretty good value, but im looking at the £589 deal as it has double memory and more hardrive plus a better optical drive, i have two questions, firstly do you think its worth splashing the extra dosh on the £589 deal or not?.. my second question is about the graphics card, i would like to play sport games like championship manager and tiger woods, im not sure how good the graphics are on there so would i need to spend another £80 on a 128mb radoen graphics card or £150 extra for a £256mb graphics card or would the onboard graphics be enough for what i want??...

many thanks in advance for your input..

  silverous 16:26 25 Aug 2006

YOu didn't mention (didn't notice?) that it also has a faster processor.

I think 100 pounds to get double memory, 33% more hard disk and a faster processor and a DVD writer as opposed to just only being able to write CDs is well worth it. Only you can answer whether those things are useful to you though.

RE: Games I wouldn't imagine those sports games would be particularly taxing but maybe they are these days. Look at the minimum/recommended requirements on the websites for the games and try and make sure you have at least the minimum.

  willymagic 16:42 25 Aug 2006

hey thanks Silverous, i did see that about the processor but forgot to mention it! i thought it was a good deal compared to the other one so im glad you think so too, also noticed the free 15 month Mcafree security subscription so thats another £25 extra!! cant be bad.. with regards to the graphics card, i think the minimun is something like 32mb but to be honest i wouldnt mind it looking nice and crisp!!

thanks again

  silverous 18:00 25 Aug 2006

You also want to think about whether you'll want to be playoing next year's and the year after's games on it. If the graphics card is within your budget and this is a concern then go for it.

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